Articles By Yannick LeJacq

From Companies Aug 30, 2012

Zynga Regains Facebook Prominence Amid Continuing Departures

Three weeks after Zynga launched its latest sim-style game "ChefVille" on Facebook -- the social media platform that Zynga itself blamed for most of its current financial woes -- the game developer is slowly crawling its way back to the top of the social gaming food chain, new data shows.

From Companies Aug 30, 2012

Environmentalists Hail Chilean Court's Decision To Halt Power Plant

A decision by Chile's top court to temporarily block a massive, coal-fired power generation venture pleased environmentalists but the project's backers, who saw their share price fall, insisted the delay was unnecessary.

From Companies Aug 29, 2012

ZeekRewards Receiver Estimates 2 Million Victims; Probe's Like 'Drinking From a Firehose'

The receiver who was handed control of Paul Burks' Rex Venture Group and ZeekRewards following its forced closure by the SEC told reporters that trying to follow the money collected through hundreds of thousands of Zeek affiliates has been like "drinking from a firehose.

From Companies Aug 29, 2012

ZeekRewards Facing Federal Class-Action Lawsuit

ZeekRewards, Rex Venture Group and its founder, accused in an alleged Ponzi scheme, now face a federal lawsuit brought by former "affiliates."

From Companies Aug 29, 2012

Romney, Obama Slug It Out In New iPad Game 'Vote!!!'

A new iPad game from the creators of "Infinity Blade" lets players duke it out as Mitt Romney and Barack Obama just in time for the debates.

From Companies Aug 28, 2012

Airbus Nearing Deal To Sell China More Than 100 Jets - Report

Airbus SAS, the French aerospace company and subsidiary of the Netherlands-based European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company NV (EPA:EAD), is nearing a deal to sell China more than 100 aircraft, according to a published report.

From Companies Aug 28, 2012

AOL's $600M Stock Buyback, Special Dividend

Internet company AOL Inc. (NYSE: AOL) announced plans Monday to return $1.1 billion to shareholders through a special dividend of $5.15 per share and also to buy back $600 million of stock under an accelerated stock-repurchase agreement with Barclays Bank PLC.

From Companies Aug 25, 2012

Executives Flee Zynga, Rival Accuses Company Of 'Making Games For Grandmothers'

Zynga Inc. lost another high-profile executive, when Alan Patmore, the San Francisco-based social game developer's general manager for its popular Facebook title "CityVille," left the company for Kixeye Inc.

From Companies Aug 25, 2012

Exec On 'One Sony': ‘Entering A Big Bad World Where There Are No Rules’

Four months after Sony unveiled its "One Sony" concept to recapture its leading role, Sony has finally offered a glimpse into its practical strategies to streamline integration between different hardware products and media platforms.

From Companies Aug 24, 2012

ZeekRewards Class-Action Plaintiffs Hire Prominent NC Politician As Lawyer

Plaintiffs for the class-action lawsuit filed against Rex Venture Group, ZeekRewards, and the company's found and CEO Paul Burks are being represented by James "Cal" Cunningham, a local politician and former member of the North Carolina Senate.