Articles By Yannick LeJacq

From Companies Sep 11, 2012

Toys 'R' Us Takes On Amazon With 'Tabeo' - Tablet For Kids

Toys ''R'' Us is introducing a tablet for children, and the new product will not be available online. The Tabeo, as the new tablet is called, can be pre-ordered over the Internet but it is only available in Toys "R" Us stores.

From Companies Sep 08, 2012

Sony Faces Piracy Concerns Following PS Vita, Mobile Hacks

Following reports earlier this week of Apple allowing hackers into its iCloud service, Sony Corportation is facing similar concerns over the security of its data across everything from its mobile-phone business to its new mobile gaming console, the Playstation Vita.

From Companies Sep 07, 2012

Texas Sporting Goods Store Offers Free Handgun For Facebook Likes

Sportman's Elite, a local sporting goods retailer that sells firearms and hunting equipment in El Paso, Texas, will be giving away a handgun to one of its Facebook fans once the page reaches 300 "likes.

From Companies Sep 07, 2012

US Private Sector Added 201,000 Jobs In Aug, Planned Layoffs Decline - Reports

Employment in the U.S. private sector increased by 201,000 jobs – a greater addition than originally forecast for the month of August, according to an ADP study released Thursday.

From Companies Sep 06, 2012

Ubisoft Abandons DRM For PC Games: What This Means For Consumers

Ubisoft Entertainment announced on Wednesday that it is abandoning its always-online digital rights management (DRM) practices for PC games, ending a long battle between the software publisher and its critics and consumers over the controversial anti-piracy measure.

From Companies Sep 05, 2012

Ronald McDonald Goes Vegetarian In India

McDonald's Corporation (NYSE:MCD), the US-based fast-food restaurant chain headquartered in Illinois long known for its beef-based burgers of all shapes and sizes, announced plans on Tuesday to open its first ever vegetarian-exclusive restaurants in India.

From Companies Sep 01, 2012

Meet The Sphero, A Smartphone-Controlled Ball That Could Be The Future Of Toys

The Sphero is a new kind of toy that tries to blend virtual gaming with physical toys in what its creators call "mixed reality." But before it does that, co-creator Ian Bernstein wants users to become more friendly with their machines.

From Companies Sep 01, 2012

Spain's Capital Outflow Soars Nearly 40% In June

The Bank of Spain announced on Friday that capital outflow from the country had increased by almost 40 percent in June.

From Companies Aug 31, 2012

Video Game 'Madden NFL 13' Sells Record 900K Copies In One Day

Electronic Arts Inc. said in a statement Thursday that "Madden NFL 13," the latest iteration of its iconic football video game franchise, sold about 900,000 in its first 24 hours on retail shelves.

From Companies Aug 31, 2012

'Fiscal Cliff' To Curb Hiring More Than Expected - Study

The bad news about the so-called fiscal cliff is about to become worse, according to a study that says there will be a surprisingly big hit to employment come Jan. 1, 2013.