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From Tech Jul 25, 2012

EA Removes 'Rock Band' Games From iOS App Store: What Does This Mean For The Future Of Harmonix and "Dance Central?"

Harmonix Music Systems, the developers of the popular music videogame franchises "Rock Band" and, more recently, "Dance Central," is officially ending it's licensing agreement with its publisher EA Games, leading many to wonder what the future holds for the company in light of its renewed success with dancing games.

From Entertainment Jul 25, 2012

Carly Rae Jepsen Debuts New Music Video, Could 'Good Time' Be The Next 'Call Me Maybe?'

Carly Rae Jepsen, the 26-year old Canadian singer of "Call Me Maybe" fame, released a new music video today fresh off her success at Sunday's Teen Choice Awards and a potential sex tape scandal.

From Tech Jul 25, 2012

New 'Super-Slim' Playstation 3, The 'PS3-4000,' Will Not Be Revealed At Gamescom, But New Models Have Been Confirmed

Sony Computer Entertainment will not be announcing it's latest and most-likely final iteration of the Playstation 3 console next month at the Gamescom trade show in Germany, several sources confirm. But while the pricing for the PS3-4000 are still heavily rumored, some details on the new models have been confirmed.

From Entertainment Jul 24, 2012

Frank Pierson, Oscar-Winning Screenwriter Of “Dog Day Afternoon” And “Cool Hand Luke” Dies At 87

Frank Pierson, Academy Award-winning screenwriter of such films as "A Dog Day Afternoon" and "Cool Hand Luke," whose career stretched over 50 years in Hollywood, passed away today at the age of 87.

From Entertainment Jul 24, 2012

Snoop Dogg Changes Name To Snoop Lion, Releases Reggae Song Produced By Major Lazer

Later this year, Snoop Dogg, the legendary rapper and cannabis fan will be releasing a reggae album produced by Diplo of Major Lazer titled "Reincarnated" under his new name Snoop Lion.

From Entertainment Jul 24, 2012

New Le1f Music Video Released, Watch Pillar Of New York’s Burgeoning Gay Rap Scene's Latest From 'Dark York'

New York-based rapper Khalif Diouf, who has recently gained attention as a pillar of New York's gay rap community as "Le1f," premieres his new music video for the song "Wut" from his mixtape "Dark York.

From Companies Jul 21, 2012

Beck Composes Three Songs For The PlayStation 3 Indie Game 'Sound Shapes'

Beck, the eclectic and award-winning musician of "Odelay" and "Sea Change" fame, is contributing three new songs to the coming video game "Sound Shapes."

From Entertainment Jul 21, 2012

A$AP Rocky Arrested After Fighting With Photographers, Potentially Disrupting Plans For His Appearance On 'Late Night With Jimmy Fallon'

The 23-year-old New York rapper A$AP Rocky, aka Rakim Mayers, was arrested Thursday night after brawling with two amateur photographers, TMZ reported.

From Entertainment Jul 21, 2012

Primus Takes Concerts A Step Further Than Holograms By Promising A 'One-Of-A-Kind Psychedelic Experience" On Its New 3-D-Enhanced Tour

Les Claypool and Co., renowned for bizarre spectacles and eccentric costumes, are offering fans a "3-D-enhanced live musical performance." We're still not sure what exactly that means.

From Politics & Policy Jul 21, 2012

ABC News Suggests Connection Between Tea Party And Aurora Shooting Suspect, Admits Error

Brian Ross of ABC News suggested this morning that the alleged shooter in Aurora, Colorado "may have had connections to the Tea Party."