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Former Cuban leader Fidel Castro drinks water during a meeting with students at Havana's University

From Tech Apr 04

Is Zunzuneo, Cuba’s Version of Twitter, a Secret U.S. Creation?

If China has Weibo, Cuba has Zunzuneo, the communist country's version of popular microblogging site Twitter. The setting up of alternative microblogging site is seen as the response of socialist governments that could not deny their citizens the use of Internet technology, but insist on retaining censorship to prevent the use of technology in undermining the government.

A page from the Skype website is seen in Singapore May 10, 2011

From Politics & Policy Apr 04

Female Cadet in Air Force Skype Sex Scandal Quits Military School on Medical Grounds

The female cadet of the Royal Australian Air Force who was the centre of the Skype sex scandal in 2011 has left the military training school. A spokesperson of the Department of Defence confirmed her leaving the academy but did not provide additional details to protect her privacy.

At least ten people have killed in Kabul after a suicide bomber detonated a car filled with explosives. (Reuters)

From Law Apr 04

Dumb Irish Terrorist Forgets to Change Time in Clock, Bomb Blows on Him

Thanks to the shift to daylight savings time (DST), an Irish bomber appears to have forgotten to advance by one hour the clock for the explosive device he was planting on a Volvo SUV in Dublin, Ireland, on Sunday.

Floyd Mayweather Jr

From Sports Apr 04

Boxing News 2014: Floyd Mayweather Jr Nears 49-0 Record of Boxing Legend Rocky Marciano; Referees Sparring Session of Youngest Money Team Members

Freddie Roach, the coach of Manny Pacquiao believes that even if Floyd Mayweather Jr - with his fight record of 45-0, 26 of which are KOs - is approaching the 49-0 record of boxing legend Rocky Marciano, Money May's unbeaten record would not be so sterling if he did not have a match against eight-division titleholder.

Malaysians Prime Minister Najib Razak has hinted that the missing Malaysian Airlines MH370 was almost certainly hijacked.

From Tech Apr 04

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370: Another Online Scam Claims Missing Boeing 777 Found in Indian Ocean

It may be three days after April Fool's Day, but scammers are still taking advantage of the continuous public interest on the ongoing search for the missing Malaysian Airlines Boeing 777 to earn money online.

iPhone 5S with fingerprint sensor

From Tech Apr 03

Ladies, Would You Use a Finger-Shaped Dongle to Check If You Are Ready to Get Pregnant?

There are 12 steps in checking the cervical mucus of a woman to determine her fertility, according to an article in pregnancy Web site But to a busy woman, the 12 steps may seem cumbersome.

A shopkeeper arranges diamond jewellery in his stall at the India International Jewellery show, in Bombay July 14, 2005.

From Sports Apr 03

Boxing News 2014: Floyd Mayweather Jr Buys 50-Carat Diamond Watch for $1M

Living to his moniker Money May, unbeaten American boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr displayed again to the world how rich he is buying a new 60-carat diamond watch.

Female driver Azza Al Shmasani alights from her car after driving in defiance of the ban in Riyadh (Reuters)

From Tech Apr 03

Viral Video: Mobile Phone Footage Leads to Arrest of Florida Road Rage, Tailgating Driver

A one-minute, 57-second video titled Redneck Road Rage/Instant Karma posted on YouTube by a female Florida driver has turned viral on the popular video sharing site. In just six days since it was posted, the video has logged more than 10.6 million hits.


From Tech Apr 03

Malaysian Airlines Flight 370: Bluefin Robot Submarine from U.S. Navy in Australia for Possible Deep Water Search for Missing Plane’s Black Box

While several search planes and vessels scour the Indian Ocean for debris of the missing Malaysian Airlines Boeing 777 jet, Australia is preparing for a deep water search once the probable location of the plane's black box is determined.

In BP's results, the group said it has raised its overall cumulative charge for the spill to $42.5bn, from $42.4bn. (Photo: Reuters)

From Economy Apr 03

More Aussie Workers to Lose Jobs as BP Shuts Brisbane Refinery, Boeing Downsizes Melbourne Facility

With the pending shutdown and downsizing of two large multinational employers with facilities in Australia, more Aussie workers would soon lose their jobs, worsening the country's high unemployment rate.