Articles By Vittorio Hernandez

Bob Arum

From Sports Apr 11

Boxing News 2014: Pre-fight Rants from Bob Arum Due to MGM Grand’s Giving Priority to Mayweather-Maidana Bout Posters Over Pacquiao-Bradley Rematch

The MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada, venue of two major boxing bouts in the next few days and weeks, got the ire of Top Rank promoter Bob Arum on Wednesday. The reason for Arum's pre-fight rant is the giving by the venue organisers of higher priority to the promotion of the fight between Floyd M...

Tony Abbott

From Politics & Policy Apr 11

Twitter Photo Leads to Parodies of PM Tony Abbott in Social Media Sites

It may not be a selfie photo that became controversial like that of U.S. President Barack Obama and an athlete who has an endorsement for Samsung. But Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott's photo talking on the phone and posted on Twitter has became viral and subject to parodies.

Labourers work at a construction site in Shanghai, January 16, 2014.

From Companies Apr 11

Swedish City Cuts Work Hours to 6 Without Pay Reduction, France Makes Working After 6 PM Illegal

Work-life balance was given a stronger boost in two European countries with changes to work hours that would surely be the envy of many overworked and underpaid employees around the world who often neglect family life or personal pursuits because of too much time spent on the job.

crossed legs

From Companies Apr 11

Viral Videos: Female-Oriented Ads for Dove & Veet Incur Ire of Women Viewers

Two companies that manufacture products for women are under criticism for the advertisements they recently released supposed to be female-oriented.

Blackberry Could Face $250m Break Fee If Upcoming Debt-Deal Collapses

From Tech Apr 11

BlackBerry May Soon Stop Making Phones If Company Continues Loss

Canadian phonemaker BlackBerry is finally making some sense under new CEO John Chen. After making several failed attempts to regain its lost glory of being the top mobile phone manufacturer that resulted in $1 billion losses under its old CEO, BlackBerry is now seriously considering exiting the phone manufacturing business if it continues to suffer from further financial losses.

Unemployment and job insecurity

From Economy Apr 11

ASB Surprises Aussies with 5.8% Unemployment Rate, Not 6.1% as Expected; Australian Dollar Reaches 4-Month High

Instead of an 11-year record high unemployment rate of 6.1 per cent that economists forecast on Wednesday, the Australian Bureau of Statistics surprised Aussies with a different figure. The number of jobless Aussies actually went down, rather than up, as 18,100 new jobs were created in March.

A man walks out of Samsung Electronics' headquarters in Seoul January 6, 2014.

From Tech Apr 10

Internal Documents in Patent Lawsuit Reveal Samsung’s Top Priority Is to Beat Apple

Court documents in the ongoing patent lawsuit between competitors Apple and Samsung would give a glimpse of how intense is their rivalry. From former business partners, the Cupertino-based tech giant and the Seoul-based electronics firm have become bitter business enemies trying to outdo each other in many ways.

Boxing: Manny Pacquiao-Workout

From Sports Apr 10

Boxing News 2014: Roger Mayweather, Trainer & Uncle of Money May, Hopes the Pacquiao-Mayweather Fight Will Still Push Through

Unbeaten American boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr may be dismissing eight-division titleholder Manny Pacquiao as a has-been fighter, but his own trainer and uncle thinks otherwise.

Marijuana buds are displayed for sale at a medical marijuana center in Denver. Reuters

From Global Markets Apr 10

Bigger Space for Cultivating Medical Marijuana in Canada as IHMML Plans Purchase of 2 Cannabis Facilities With 700,000 Sq Ft of Grow Space

Interest in the medical marijuana business continues to grow after two U.S. states and a few countries had legalised the trade. Also expected to expand as a result of that development is the physical space to legally cultivate cannabis.

Relatives of Missing Malaysian Airlines Plane

From Global Markets Apr 10

Malaysian Airlines Flight 370: Australian Travelers Abandon MH as Spending on Tickets of Embattled Air Carrier Drops by 1/3; Malaysian Tourism Ministry Holds Visit Malaysia Year 2014 Campaign in China

The resumption of pings received by the Australian ship Ocean Shield has provided a ray of hope in the month-long search for the missing Malaysian Airline Boeing 777 jet which mysteriously disappeared on March 8 with 239 people aboard while on its way to Beijing from Kuala Lumpur.