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A Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) image from NASA's Terra satellite shows Typhoon Neoguri in the Pacific Ocean, approaching Japan on its northward journey July 6, 2014. Japan's weather agency on Monday issued emergency warnings to ur

From Companies Jul 24

Radio Australia Cuts to Affect Isolated Vanuatu Residents Who Rely on It for Weather Bulletins

It is not only Australians who would be affected by the cuts made in Radio Australia's budget, but also residents of nearby Pacific isles who rely on the broadcaster for weather updates.

People celebrate and wave Russian flags as the preliminary results of today's referendum are announced in the Crimean city of Sevastopol on 16 March, 2014.

From Travel Jul 24

Malaysian Airlines Flight 17: Russians Feel Glut Over Steady Diet of Conspiracy Theories on Downed Jet

Global anger grows at Russia, believed to be behind the Moscow-initiated missile hit on Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 that took 298 lives, but many Russians are unaware of that. The reason is because they are being bombarded by a constant diet of conspiracy theories regarding the aviation tragedy, with Ukraine being pictured as the culprit by Russian media.

A marijuana plant is seen at Tweed Marijuana Inc in Smith's Falls, Ontario, March 19, 2014. By unlocking the once-obscure medical marijuana market, Canada has created a fast-growing, profitable and federally regulated industry with a distinct appeal to th

From Science Jul 24

Half a Million Years of Life Lost to Opioid Abuse in U.S.

Opioid abuse more or less results in more than half a million years of life lost per year, a report by PsychCentral said.

Westpac ATM

From Companies Jul 24

CBA, NAB, Westpac in Fixed Rate War Offering Below 5% Interest

Three of the big four banks in Australia cut their fixed interest rates on Wednesday to below 5 per cent as part of a rate war among the lenders. The rate war provides borrowers the opportunity to enjoy record-low interest rates on the long term.

Floyd Mayweather vs Marcos Maidana

From Sports Jul 24

Boxing News 2014: Upper-Level Tickets to Mayweather-Maidana Sept 13 Rematch Selling at $562 in Secondary Market; Lower Prices Expected as Fight Date Approaches

After Floyd Mayweather Jr officially announced that he will have a rematch with Argentinean boxer Marcos Maidana on Sept 13, boxing fans immediately showed their interest in the second fight that ticket sales are moving fast, reported Forbes.

Vigil for Victims of MH 17

From Companies Jul 23

Malaysian Airlines Flight 17: Air Carrier Losing $1.6 Million/Day; Crisis Management Experts Suggest Hiring Risk Expert as CEO

The consensus in the global aviation industry is that embattled Malaysian Airlines is teetering on the brink of bankruptcy. With two major air mishaps that could create a minimum $80 million hole in the Kuala Lumpur-based company's shaky finances, it would not be a surprise to hear the air carrier announcing its closure soon.

A Canadian flag waves in front of a Blackberry logo at the Blackberry campus in Waterloo, September 23, 2013.    REUTERS/Mark Blinch

From Tech Jul 23

BlackBerry vs Samsung Stock: Which Is a Better Buy?

Canadian phonemaker BlackBerry is on a rebound. After being dismissed as a has-been company and anticipated to die soon, the Waterloo-based tech firm appears not only for a recovery but even growth.


From Law Jul 23

Leading Medical Journal Lancet Supports Decriminalisation of Prostitution to Cut HIV Toll

Law enforcement agencies and moralists would surely disagree with the proposal to decriminalise prostitution, which got a major support from a credible publication. Editors of The Lancet, a leading medical journal, supported the decriminalisation move to protect the health of sex trade workers.

Ronaldo Cristiano

From Politics & Policy Jul 23

New Senator Jacqui Lambie Heats Up Aussie Radio by Saying Potential Suitor Should Be Rich and Well-Hung

A new senator from Clive Palmer's Palmer United Party, who once described Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott as a psychotic politician, stirred Aussie radio listeners on Tuesday by listing two traits she wants from potential suitors.

Malaysian Airlines Fligjt 17 Crash Investigation

From Travel Jul 23

Malaysian Airlines Flight 17: Russia Floats Another Ridiculous Conspiracy Theory that MH 370 & 17 Is One Jet Which U.S. Military Arranged to Be Blown Up Over Ukraine

More than four months after the ill-fated Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 mysteriously disappeared on March 8 after it left Kuala Lumpur for Beijing, until today, various theories regarding the incident continue to swirl, with not one proven to be correct or dispelled.