Articles By Vittorio Hernandez

Volatile Volcanoes Are Waking Up

From Science Sep 19

Philippines’s Mayon Volcano Shoots Lava & Hot Boulders

The Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology raised to critical the alert level at Mayon Volcano which started to billow smoke and spew lava and hot bouders. The volcano is actually erupting already but not at an explosive level, said seismologists.


From Companies Sep 19

Masayoshi Son Is Japan’s Richest Man As Softbank Shares Surge Ahead Of Alibaba IPO; More Millionaires Among Alibaba Employees On The Way

In 2000, Softbank of Japan invested $20 million in, which was not known yet in the global tech circle. Masayoshi Son, the chief executive of Softbank, is reaping the fruit of his investment decision as shareprices of Alibaba (NYSE: BABA) surge ahead of its initial public offering on Friday, Sept 19.

A man rests in a mud pit near the main stage at the Woodstock Festival in Kostrzyn-upon-Odra, close to the Polish-German border

From Companies Sep 19

Ex-Male Strippers For Rent At $125/Hour To Act As ManServants

A new startup in the US is offering handsome male servants who would pamper their employers in the tradition of butlers for $125 per hour. The firm, aptly named ManServants, was established by two young female entrepreneurs. Some of their man servants are former strippers.


From Science Sep 19

California Park Rangers Accuse Nudist Colony Members of Stealing From Waterfall For Skinny Dipping During A Drought

California park rangers are accusing members of the Lupin Lodge, a nudist colony, of stealing water from a nearby waterfall at Hendrys Creek Property so they could skinny dip even during a drought across the state. The 110-acre naturist resort outside San Francisco is near a reservoir that is almost empty.

Mayweather-Maidana Rematch

From Sports Sep 19

Boxing News 2014: Boxing Experts Forecast Canelo vs Cotto or Chavez Would Beat Mayweather vs Amir in PPV Buys

Floyd Mayweather Jr may have an unbeaten boxing record and could retire in 2015 from professional boxing matching the 49-0 record of Rocky Marciano if he beats his last two ring opponents in May and September next year.

A microchip is pictured on a woman's finger during a presentation of the German Bundesdruckerei

From Tech Sep 18

End-Of-The World Doomsday Prophets Continue To Spread Mandatory Chip Implant Hoax, Claims EU Requires Newborns To Have RFID Implants

End-of-the-world scenarios continue to fascinate doomsday prophets who are even willing to believe Internet hoaxes to push their agenda that the Biblical Apocalypse is happening soon.


From Companies Sep 18

Alibaba Hikes IPO Price Range To $66-$68 From $60-$66

Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba Group Holding (NYSE: BABA) increased the price range of its initial public offering scheduled to launch on Friday, Sept 19. The new price range of $66 to $68 from the previous $60 to $66 is an indicator of the strong demand for shares of the e-commerce portal founded by former teacher Jack Ma.

The co-pilot of the missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 made a desperate call from his mobile phone as the plane was flying low near Penang, in the morning it mysterious vanished, it is reported. (Photo: Reuters)

From Law Sep 18

Malaysia Airlines Flight MH 370: Aviation Exec Says Pilot Deliberately Killed Passengers & Crew By Cutting Oxygen Supply

More than six months after the Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 disappeared on its way to Beijing from Kuala Lumpur, the tragedy continues to grab headlines as various aviation or security personalities speak their mind about the first of two aviation tragedies to hit the embattled air carrier in a span of four months.

World Naked Bike Day - LA

From Entertainment Sep 18

VH1 To Renew Dating Naked Reality Show; Air Nude Wedding Of Ashley & Alika On Sept 18

Weddings are occasions for the couple being married as well as their relatives and guests to be dressed to the nines. But that won't be the case on Thursday, Sept 18, when reality show couple Ashley Fonda and Alika Medeiros walk the aisle and exchange wedding vows because the pair as well as all their guests would be wearing only their birthday suits.

Frequent Sex Makes You Intelligent, New Study Says

From Science Sep 18

Headache: Rx – Sex 3X A Day

The common doctor's prescription for headache are pain relievers such as acetaminophen, aspirin or ibuprofen, more known with their brand names Tylenol, Bayer or Advil. However, a study by researchers at the University of Munster in Germany found a better cure which couples would surely welcome - having sex.