Articles By Vittorio Hernandez

Manny Pacquiao Ruled The MGM Grand Arena

From Law Apr 16

Boxing News 2014: Philippine Taxwoman Runs Not Only After Pacquiao’s $20M Purse But Also After Winning Bettors in Saturday Rematch

It is not just eight-division titleholder Manny Pacquiao's guaranteed $20 million purse that Philippine taxwoman, Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) Commissioner Kim Henares, is after but also the winnings of Filipinos who bet on the Saranggani representative's victory in the ring.

American Airlines-US Airways Merger

From Tech Apr 16

Teens Taunt American Airlines With More Fake Bomb Threats After Arrest of 14-Year-Old Original Dutch Bomb Hoaxer

In a show of support to a 14-year-old Dutch girl who made a bomb threat joke to American Airlines, dozens of fellow teens are tweeting similar bomb jokes to the same air carrier.

Naked volunteers pose for U.S. artist Tunick in front of the Sydney Opera House

From Society Apr 16

Munich Legalises Public Nudity, Names 6 Designated Nudist Zones

The German city of Munich would be the haven for naturists and at the same time a paradise for peeping Toms. The third largest city in the country just legalised public nudity after the lapse last autumn of statewide laws banning nude sunbathing.


From Companies Apr 16

Hardware Network Failure Causes Crash of Commonwealth Bank Systems; Customers Vent Anger Thru Social Media at Failure to Withdraw Money

Thousands of Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) customers were angry at the lender on Tuesday because a network hardware failure caused an outage that made it impossible to withdraw money. The clients vented their ire on social media.

Dionesia Pacquiao

From Sports Apr 15

Boxing News 2014: Manny Pacquiao’s Mum Dionesia New YouTube Sensation With Version of Miley Cyrus’s Wrecking Ball

She captured global attention during the Saturday rematch of her son Manny Pacquiao against American boxer Timothy Bradley with her unique way of assuring the victory of the Filipino boxer through prayer. Western media, however, has mistaken the caricature-like character of Dionesia Pacquiao, also known as Pacmom or Mommy D to Filipinos, as casting a hex on Bradley.


From Society Apr 15

Viral Video: Girlfriend from Hell Slaps, Humiliates BF in Public

A couple fighting in public is quite a common sight that such a scene would often only merit a few seconds of glance, nod of the head to indicate disagreement with the public display of disaffection and then moving on towards one's destination.

Osama bin Laden

From Law Apr 15

Malaysian Airlines Flight 370: Western Center for Journalism Report Links Edward Snowden, bin Laden, The Carlyle Group & Jacob Rothschild to Missing Boeing 777

Western Center for Journalism writer Kris Zane resurrected a tidbit of information that became viral toward the end of March but has died down as the days passed and the disappearance marked its first month.

Shoppers in their underwear at Desigual

From Companies Apr 15

Commando-style Underwear Makes Its Female Designer a Millionaire

Hollywood actors such as Eva Longoria, Gwyneth Paltrow and Amy Adams have been caught on camera show their bush or tush or allow other private body parts to peek intentionally or unintentionally at the front and back bumpers or crotch areas.

Manny Pacquiao vs. Brandon Rios Boxing Fight in Macau: Pacquiao Wins!

From Sports Apr 15

Boxing News 2014: Instead of a Mini Concert After Fight, Manny Pacquiao Plays Piano, Sings Praise Songs at Sin City

On Sunday morning, there was one more very significant and noticeable change in Pacquiao from the old Manny who loved to hold a mini concert after a ring battle. Pacman still held a mike that Saturday night, but he no longer belted his favourites such Sometimes When We Touch.

Youth unemployment UK

From Economy Apr 15

Youth Unemployment Rate in Australia Hits 12.5%; Average Time to Get Hired Goes Up to 29 Weeks

While spin doctors of the Abbott government would probably use last week's data from the Australian Bureau Statistics' unemployment rate to boast of the government's economic management style, a look at youth unemployment figures is cause for alarm.