Articles By Vittorio Hernandez

A man takes part in a protest against the carbon tax in central Sydney

From Politics & Policy Apr 23

Clive Palmer’s Party Could Determine Swing Vote on Carbon Tax Repeal

The political party of Australian billionaire Clive Palmer may be young and new, but it could possibly hold the swing vote in the upcoming federal election in November.

Chinese Students

From Education Apr 22

China Spies on Chinese Students Enrolled at Sydney & Melbourne Universities

Australia is boosting its counter-intelligence capabilities after it discovered that China is establishing a large cover information network in leading Australian universities.


From Politics & Policy Apr 22

Aussies Born After 1959 Have to Wait Until 2029 to Be Eligible for Pension at Age 70

The Abbott government is holding a review of current pension rules which could result in Australian workers who were born beginning 1959 receiving their pension at age 70 in 2029 from 67.

Snake Eats Crocodile after a Battle in Australia

From Tech Apr 22

Viral Video: Stalemate in Snake vs Alligator Marsh Battle

Crocodiles and snakes versus other wild animals have been popular lately, and they have become viral videos. The final results of the battle reveal who is the stronger between two wild animals.

A customer samples a glass of wine at Oinoscent wine bar in central Athens

From Companies Apr 22

U.S. Regulator OKs Powdered Alcohol; Available by Autumn 2015

It would soon be easier to smuggle into dorms and even restaurants alcohol drinks without detection with the recent approval by the Alcohol and Tobacco tax and Trade Bureau of alcohol in powdered form.

Porn stars Tarra White (left) and Jesse Jane

From Entertainment Apr 22

5 Female Porn Stars Share How They Told Parents Their Real Jobs

While almost all porn actors use screen names to hide their real identities, triple X rated films would not sell if the faces of the skinflick stars are pixilated. Friends of these sex performers who watch their films would often recognise them, especially if they don't wear masks or heavy make-up.

Pacquiao of the Philippines Celebrates His Victory Over Bradley of the U.S. After Their Title Fight at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas

From Sports Apr 21

Boxing News 2014: Is Justin Bieber a Secret Fan of Manny Pacquiao?

Despite Canadian pop star Justin Bieber being a well-known friend of unbeaten American boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr, the singer of Baby appears to be a secret fan also of eight-division titleholder Manny Pacquiao who won back on April 12 the WBO welterweight title from Timothy Bradley.

Plane Landing Gear Wheel Well

From Law Apr 21

16-Year-Old Stowaway from LA Survives 5 Hours Inside Wheel Well of Hawaiian Airlines

More than a story of another incident of security breach at an airport amid suspicions that the disappearance of the Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 could possibly be linked to terrorism due to security breach, report of a 16-year-old stowaway from Los Angeles indicated an incredible story of survival akin to a miracle.

Australia's competition watchdog, Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC), has on Thursday awarded a conditional approval to the partnership of Qantas Airways with Emirates as the former reclaims its fading glory in the global airline indust

From Global Markets Apr 21

Flight 370 or Plane Turnaround Syndrome Scares Passengers of Qantas, Malaysian Airlines

The mysterious disappearance of Malaysian Airlines Flight 360 seems to have created a Flight 370 syndrome characterised by air passengers fearing the worst-case scenario once their plane turns around or diverts from its original route.

Amir Khan

From Sports Apr 17

Boxing News 2014: Amir Khan Inks Contract With Mayweather Adviser, Boosts Chance of Bout With Money May

British boxer Amir Khan is dead set on fighting Floyd Mayweather Jr even if Money May glossed over him in favour of Argentinian boxer Marcos Maidana. To ensure better chances he would be picked for Mayweather's remaining matches until the unbeaten boxer retires, Khan signed with Al Haymon, the boxing adviser of Money May.