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Robin Williams gestures during a panel discussion for his upcoming HBO show "Robin Williams: Weapons of Self-Destruction" at the Television Critics Association Cable summer press tour in Pasadena, July 30, 2009.

From Entertainment Aug 17

Westboro Baptist Church to Picket Robin Williams Funeral in Protest of Gay Tolerance

Because of Robin Williams' portrayal of a gay man in the film Birdcage, the fundamentalist Wesboro Baptist Church said it could picket the funeral of the comedian who is believed to have committed suicide on Monday due to depression.

Justin Bieber at Cinema Against AIDS 2014

From Science Aug 16

Justin Bieber Pays Germany €8,000 for Pet Monkey’s Care

Canadian pop star Justin Bieber not only won't get back his pet monkey, Mally. He also has to pay the German government €8,000 for the care of the animal now living at a zoo in North Germany.


From Companies Aug 15

Telstra Adds 1 Million New Customers; Total Client Base of 16 Million More Than Twice That of Optus & Vodafone Combined

While competitor telcos in the Australian market Optus and Vodafone have suffered hemorrhages in customer numbers, it is the other way for Telstra which reported on Thursday, Aug 14, the addition of one million new subscribers in the past 12 months.

Real estate

From Companies Aug 15

Canada Developers Have a Taste for U.S. Hotspots

While China has surpassed Canada in terms of sales volume, Canada remains the United States real estate market's top foreign buyer, the National Association of Realtors reported in its 2014 Profile of International Home Buying Activity.

Tencent apps WeChat and Weibo

From Companies Aug 15

Tencent & Alibaba Rivalry Intensifies as e-Commerce Site Prepares for September New York IPO

Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba is about to make stock market history when it publicly lists in September in New York and raise about $20 billion, expected to be the largest in IPO history.


From Global Markets Aug 15

Zillow to Acquire Web Real Estate Site Trulia

Zillow Inc., the biggest real estate Web site in the US, is set to acquire the second-largest online real estate company Trulia Inc., for around $3.5 billion in stock. Both companies registered more than 68 million visitors in June, or about 71 per cent of online users under ComScore's real estate category.


From Science Aug 15

Local Authorities’ Strategies Against Alcohol Abuse Does Not Address Whole Spectrum of Harm

A review of local authorities' strategies to improve health and wellbeing in their local population has been found to be inadequate to fully address the impact of alcohol abuse in their community.

Prosthetic limb

From Travel Aug 15

Prosthetic Arm of Flybe Pilot Detaches in MidFlight Causes Nightmare Landing at Belfast City Airport

This year, 2014, appears to be a difficult one for the international aviation community as two major tragedies happened within four months of each other involving one air carrier, plus there are a number of near misses and other airline incidents that made many people wary of air travel.


From Tech Aug 15

Handsome Cop & Bomb Expert Creates a Stir in Social Media

If the US has the world's handsomest crook, Jeremy Meeks, who even landed a £30,000 modelling contract when his mugshot became viral on the Internet, the Philippines has its own handsome cop and bomb expert-cum-model who is now a rising social media star.


From Science Aug 15

Darwin Zookeepers Separate Male & Female Crocs from Philippines to Avert Tearing Each Other After Mating

A male and female crocodile pair that the Darwin Zoo imported from the Philippines had to be placed in separated cages after they had mated to prevent the two from tearing each other apart.