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A New iPad Is Seen Following A Presentation At Apple Headquarters

From Companies Oct 25

#Snapgate: iPad Air 2 Breaks While Undergoing Bend Test

Apple has another PR crisis up its way for its newly launched iPad Air 2 courtesy of a YouTube user named Martin Macht who did a bend test on the device.

A paramedic holds a kit containing syringes, bandaids and antiseptic pads which are going to be used by drug addicts inside a supervised injection room in Athens November 25, 2013. Greece has set up its first "drug consumption" room to contain a

From Health Oct 24

Swollen Private Parts Send 2 Couples to ER

Risky sexual practices continue to fascinate couples even if they could end up in embarrassing and even life-threatening situations. Two such couples in the US were in that situation, causing them to end up in the emergency room with the men nursing swollen private parts.

The new Prime Minister of Australia Tony Abbott (3rd L) poses with his daughters Louise (2nd R), Bridget (2nd L), Frances (L), his wife Margie and the Governor-General Quentin Bryce (R) after the official swearing in of government ministers at the Governm

From Law Oct 24

It Doesn’t Pay To Be A Whistleblower In Australia, Especially If Subject Of Expose Is PM’s Daughter

While whistleblowers in many countries are hailed for their bravery despite the threat to their life in exposing wrongdoings, especially when done by government officials, it is not the case in Australia. One was even sued for violation of the law which carries a maximum penalty of two years prison term.

A visitor looks at a foetus that died before it was born during "Bodies: The Exhibition", an international exhibition, by Gunther Von Hagens in Lima June 24, 2009.

From Society Oct 24

Defector Says Women In Prison Camp Kill Babies For Food; Aussie Judge Urges UN Security Council To Bring Nokor Leaders To ICC For Human Rights Violation

Kim Hye-Sook, a defector from North Korea, recounted to the UN the sufferings she and other prisoners suffered in the hands of their captors, including years of starvation, hard labour and torture. To indicate how bad food shortage is, Kim revealed that some women detainees had to eat babies to alleviate their hunger.

Claudia Rolon holds a bag with her defective silicone gel breast implant manufactured by the now-defunct French company Poly Implant Prothese (PIP), that she had to have removed, during an interview with Reuters at her home in La Matanza, on the outskirts

From Tech Oct 24

Death Threats For Model Who Twerked Fake Breasts To The Tune Of Mozart’s Eine Kleine Nachtmusik; Video Goes Viral

Was it because she disrespected a famous classical piece by Mozart or she shifted twerking to another body part that model Sara X received death threats after she posted the above video on YouTube? The clip has gone viral, garnering more than 1 million hits after one week.

Mayweather-Maidana Rematch

From Tech Oct 24

Boxing News 2014: Parody Of Mayweather Beating Bieber In Training Goes Viral

With two professional fights in 2015 left to his six-fight contract with Showtime, unbeaten American boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr is bent on becoming a trainer, even as questions loom who would be Money May's opponent in his last two fights.

Victoria's Secret model Miranda Kerr checks her make-up backstage in preparation for the Victoria's Secret fashion show in Hollywood, California November 15, 2007.

From Companies Oct 24

Australian Federal Court Fines Reebok $350,000 & Orders Refunds For Shoe Endorsed By Miranda Kerr That Claims Unproven Health Benefits

The 1-minute, 56-second advert by Australian model Miranda Kerr surely sold thousands of EasyTone sneakers for athletic shoe brand Reebok. However, an Australian Federal Court declared on Tuesday that the commercial made false claims that the shoe was better for calves, thighs and buttocks of its user.

Specialist traders work at the post that trades Alibaba Group Holding Ltd during the company's initial public offering (IPO) under the ticker "BABA" at the New York Stock Exchange in New York September 19, 2014.

From Companies Oct 23

Sydney Software Firm Bigcommerce Teams Up With Alibaba To Beat Amazon

Fresh from its New York initial public offering (IPO) that raised a record $25 billion fresh capital, Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba (NYSE: BABA) has partnered with an Australian software company. Its team up with Bigcommerce is expected to further rival its US competitor Amazon.

A stallholder displays her temporary tattoos on sale at the adult entertainment exhibition Erotica 2010 at Olympia centre in London November 20, 2010.

From Tech Oct 23

Subreddit Member Shares Butt Pix Of Hubby Which Appears Initially Like Breasts

A male rear end was mistaken for a female front. It happened in a subreddit page where a female member posted the close-up shot of her husband's behind wearing a pair of grey underwear.

A  Kurdish fighter hold his rifle as he guards the street in the Iraqi town of Qara Tappa north of Baghdad, October 21, 2014. Islamic State militants advanced on the Iraqi town of Qara Tappa, 122 km (73 miles) north of Baghdad, security sources and a loca

From Law Oct 23

Islamic State: Aussie Terrorism Suspect Was In Same Video When Runaway Teenager Threatened PM Abbott

The star of the 2-minute video below may have been the 17-year-old Australian who left Sydney under the guise of going on a fishing trip, but the clip apparently include a previous viral photo star.