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A woman holds a mock iPhone 6 plus (L) and an iPhone 5s as she waits in a line, ahead of the September 19 release of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, in front of an Apple Store at Tokyo's Ginza shopping district September 10, 2014. Apple Inc unveiled a watch,

From Companies Oct 04

Apple’s Woes Shift From #Bendgate To #Hairgate

The furor over the bending iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus units has barely died down, yet, Apple is faced with another public relations crisis as #Hairgate threatens to be another headache for the Cupertino-based tech giant that was supposed to be enjoying brisk sales of its new flagship devices.

Dignitaries hold hands as they pose for a photo before the 4th East Asia Summit (EAS) Foreign Ministers Meeting at the Myanmar International Convention Centre (MICC) in Naypyitaw, August 10, 2014. Pictured in the front row are (L-R): Singapore's Foreign M

From Global Markets Oct 04

3 Key Changes The Real Estate Industry Is Expecting With ASEAN Integration In 2015

Members of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) will comprise the ASEAN Economic Community by 2015 in which it aims to act as a single market and production base.

A diver is seen underwater during a practice session at the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Edinburgh, Scotland, July 31, 2014.

From Science Oct 04

Divers Can Now Ditch Oxygen Tank, Thanks To ‘Aquaman Crystal’

Oxygen tank among divers would soon become optional following the discovery by scientists of a crystalline material that pulls oxygen out of the surrounding environment. The material, dubbed as Aquaman Crystal, uses cobalt to pull and release oxygen without the need for big storage tanks.

The body of a man is hung upside down in the city of Baquba August 2, 2014. Unidentified gunmen hanged the body of the man who was a member of the Islamic State, formerly known as the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), according to the local pol

From Law Oct 04

Goriest Beheading Video As IS Shows Brit Hostage Alan Henning’s Head Being Sawed Off

The Islamic State (IS) is on a decapitation frenzy again. On Friday, it released a video showing the beheading of its second British hostage, taxi driver Alan Henning. The video had all the elements of a standard IS video: the hostage who wore an orange jumpsuit blamed his government for his death and Jihadist John was attired in black garments and hood, holding a knife.

International Olympic Committee (IOC) President Thomas Bach attends a news conference after a three-day executive board meeting in Lausanne July 9, 2014. Oslo, Almaty and Beijing were confirmed as the official candidates to host the 2022 Winter Olympic Ga

From Sports Oct 03

Only 2 Bidders Left For 2022 Winter Olympics Hosting As Oslo Withdraws Over Fears Of Spending On White Elephants

The future of the Summer and Winter Olympic Games could be at risk as more cities realise how expensive it is to host the sporting event held every four years. This logistical concern was highlighted after Oslo withdrew this week its bid to be the host city for the 2022 Winter Games.

New Game 'Impossible Rush' Keeping Everyone Hooked To Their Phone/ File photo/ Reuters/David Gray

From Companies Oct 03

#Bendgate: It’s Not Just 9 Complaints, More iPhone Owners Post Photos On Instagram Of Bent Devices

Apple claimed that there were only 9 complaints of bending iPhone 6s, but it seems there are more than 9 based on recent postings in Instagram. There were seven recent postings complete with pictures in the photo sharing site.

Police officer Badrya Salem AlSowaidi walks near a Ferrari police car ahead of a patrol in Dubai June 4, 2013. The Dubai Police fleet of cars includes Aston Martin, Bentley Continental GT Coupe, Ferrari, and a recently added Bugatti Veyron.

From Tech Oct 03

Dubai Police To Use Google Glass While Driving Bugati & Lamborghini Patrol Cars

More United Arab Emirates boys will probably want to be a cop when they become adults, if only for the perks of having a Bugati Veyrons or Lamborghini Aventadors as their service vehicle. Soon, the Google Glass could be another added attraction as the Dubai Police Department includes the high-tech glass in their equipment.

A visitor holds a new Samsung Galaxy Note Edge smartphone after its presentation at the Unpacked 2014 Episode 2 event ahead of the IFA Electronics show in Berlin, September 3, 2014.

From Tech Oct 03

If Apple Has #Bendgate, Samsung Has #Gapgate As Owners Complain Of Faulty Galaxy Note 4

If Cupertino-based Apple has its #bendgate woes, rival Samsung has its #gapgate problem. Like Apple, only a few units of Samsung's phablet, the Galaxy Note 4, has a thin gap between the screen and the walls of the case.

Discovery Channel's ‘Shark Week 2014’ Schedule: 13 Specials about Sharks Including Hammerheads, Zombie and Alien Sharks [WATCH VIDEOS]

From Science Oct 03

Western Australia Closes Beach After Man Loses Hand & Arm To Shark

The Western Australian government ordered on Thursday the closure of the beach at Kelpid Beach in Wylie Bay, following a shark attack on a 23-year-old man. The victim, Sean Pollard from Bunbury, lost both an arm and a hand, plus suffered injuries on his leg.

Pop superstar Michael Jackson grabs his crotch during his first of two concerts in Seoul October 11. South Korean authorities agreed to let Jackson perform his History concert in Seoul on the condition that he refrained from any "lewd gestures"

From Tech Oct 03

Celebrities Begin #FeelingNuts - Crotch Grab Photos For Testicular Cancer Awareness Campaign

With his patented crotch grab pose, music icon Michael Jackson would have been the perfect endorser of a new viral trend to promote a testicular cancer awareness campaign if he were still alive. Using the hashtag #FeelingNuts, the campaign has tapped celebrities to have a photo of themselves grabbin...