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A man travelling on a stolen passport on the missing Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 was a young Iranian who has no links to terrorists.

From Travel Mar 27

Malaysian Airlines Flight 370: Veteran Pilot Believes Fire Hit Boeing 777 & Pilot Was Trying to Divert Jet to Langkawi for Emergency Landing

Despite the disbelief by some relatives of Chinese passengers of the ill-fated Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 that their kin are now presumed dead, more evidence are being discovered supporting the theory of Inmarsat that the jet crashed into the southern Indian Ocean.

Floyd Mayweather Jr

From Sports Mar 26

Boxing News 2014: Floyd Mayweather Jr Introduces Money Walk

American boxer just posted on his Instagram account a short video clip of himself preparing for his May 3 bout with Argentinean boxer Marcos Maidana. One of the toning techniques that he uses is raising himself up with the assistance of two burly aides and then moving his feet while suspended in the air.


From Law Mar 26

Kiwi Man Sues Prostitute $70,000 for Incomplete Sex Session

A man from New Zealand suffered a double whammy when he filed a $70,000 lawsuit against a prostitute for failing to complete a sex session with him. He claimed the sex trade worker breached the country's Consumer Guarantee Acts when she did not deliver a service she was paid for.


From Tech Mar 26

19-Year-Old Brit Man Attempts Suicide Due to Failure to Take Perfect Selfie Despite Daily 10-Hour Photo Session

A 19-year-old Briton from Newscastle upon Tyne has become so obsessed with his selfie that he spent an average of 10 hours taking about 200 photos of himself using his iPhone. However, when he couldn't find the perfect picture, Danny Bowman attempted to commit suicide, the Daily Mirror reports.

Obama 'the Strong' 2013 Presidential Inauguration: LIVE BLOG

From Politics & Policy Mar 26

Belgian Newspaper Photoshops Obamas to Look Like Apes; Apologises

De Morgen, a Belgian daily, is under heavy criticism globally for its racist photo of U.S. President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama photoshopped to make them look like apes.

Relatives of Missing Malaysian Airlines Plane

From Companies Mar 26

Malaysian Airlines Flight 370: Mandatory $176,000 Compensation Under Montreal Convention for Each Passenger & Crew of Plane Could Result in Minimum $42 Million Bill for Air Carrier

Embattled Malaysia Airlines, which is already spending a lot of money taking care of relatives of the 239 people aboard the ill-fated Flight 370, should brace for more expenses as its declaration that the passengers and crew are considered dead could lead to huge compensation claims.

Relatives of Missing Malaysian Airlines Plane

From Companies Mar 25

Malaysian Airlines Flight 370: Air Carrier Offers Cash, Caregiver Support to Families of 239 Passengers & Crew; CEO to Decide Later If He Will Quit or Stay

Following the Monday night TV announcement by Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak that the missing Malaysian Airlines Boeing 777 jet likely crashed into the Indian Ocean, families of the 239 passenger and crew expressed grief and anger.

Scales of Justice

From Law Mar 25

MP Craig Thomson Gets 1-Year Sentence for Spending HSU Money on Prostitutes, Personal Expense; Posts Bail

Magistrate Charlie Rozencwajg sentenced MP Craig Thomson on Tuesday to 12 months prison term for using $24,000 of Health Services Union (HSU) funds to pay for prostitutes and personal expenses.

Floyd Mayweather Jr

From Sports Mar 25

Boxing News 2014: Marcos Maidana Says Broner is Stronger Than Mayweather, But Money May is the Better Boxer

Although Argentinean boxer Marcos Maidana beat American boxer Adrien Broner and captured the World Boxing Association (WBA) welterweight title in San Antonio, Texas, in December 2013, he considers Broner stronger than his May 3 opponent.

Top Twitter Hashtag Trends of the Year: Check out the Most Popular Tweets of 2013 [WATCH]

From Politics & Policy Mar 25

Natalia Poklonskaya: Fake Twitter Account for Crimea’s Pretty Attorney-General & Anime Fan Art (SEE HER ANIME IMAGES)

One press conference and a movie-star face were all it took to launch Natalia Poklonskaya, Crimea's new and very beautiful attorney-general, to Internet fame.