Articles By Vinod Yalburgi

From Tech Oct 31

iPad Air Performs 60% Faster than iPad 4 in Graphics Benchmark

AnandTech's latest Graphics Benchmark results show the iPad Air performs over 60% fastker than the iPad 4.

From Tech Oct 31

Battlefield 4: China Rising DLC Release Details Revealed

Battlefield 4: China Rising DLC to release on 3 December for all three gaming platforms.

From Tech Oct 31

Battlefield 4: UK Release, Price, Pre-orders and System Requirements Revealed [VIDEOS]

Battlefield 4 UK release date, price, exclusive pre-order offers and system requirements out.

From Tech Oct 30

Google Glass Enhanced Version Revealed with New Features [PHOTOS]

An updated version of Google Glass will be available for existing users featuring a new earbud and prescription lense support.

From Tech Oct 30

iPhone 5s Battery Problems Confirmed by Apple

Apple will replace all iPhone 5s models which are being affected by a manufacturing problem which is reducing battery life.

From Tech Oct 29

GTA 5: New Hidden Secrets and Easter Eggs Revealed [VIDEOS]

IBTimes UK reveals the top secrets and Easter eggs hidden in GTA 5

From Tech Oct 29

Galaxy S3 Outperforms iPhone 5s and 5c in Web Browser Speed and Touch Accuracy Test

Recent web browser speed and touch accuracy test suggests Galaxy S3 performed better than iPhone 5s and 5c.

From Tech Oct 28

GTA 5: Rockstar to Release Beach Bum DLC in November [VIDEO]

Rockstar Games' first GTA 5 Online DLC, the Beach Bum Pack, will release in November with loads of new items and activities.

From Tech Oct 27

How to Speed up iOS 7 Animations for Faster Performance

Simple guide to speed up iOS 7 animations for enhanced UI responsiveness and faster performance

From Tech Oct 27

Root Galaxy Note 2 N7100 on Android 4.3 XXUEMJ5 Leaked Test Firmware

Step-by-step guide for rooting Android 4.3 XXUEMJ5 Leaked Test Firmware on Galaxy Note 2 N7100