Articles By Vasudevan Sridharan

From Politics & Policy Nov 19, 2013

Putin Tells Rohani There is 'Real Chance' of Nuclear Deal in Geneva

Russian president talks to Iranian leader as Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu set to visit Moscow.

From Politics & Policy Nov 18, 2013

Kazan Plane Crash: Russian Authorities Consider Terror Angle

Experts look for clues to determine cause of Boeing 737 crash which killed all 50 people on board.

From Tech Nov 18, 2013

Google and Microsoft Agree to Block Child Sex Abuse Content

Google to target 100,000 search terms to block child sex abuse material online.

From Society Nov 18, 2013

Briton among 50 Dead in Russian Plane Crash in Kazan [PHOTOS]

Boeing jet belonging to Tatarstan Airlines bursts into ball of fire on landing at Kazan.

From Politics & Policy Nov 17, 2013

Kerry to Visit Israel to Reassure Netanyahu over Iran Deal

US Secretary of State to hold talks with Netanyahu when Iran discusses nuclear deal with P5+1 powers.

From Politics & Policy Nov 17, 2013

Sri Lanka Hits Back at Cameron over Inquiry Ultimatum

Sri Lankan president Mahinda Rajapaksa says 'people in glass houses must not throw stones' in veiled attack on Cameron over war crimes allegations.

From Politics & Policy Nov 16, 2013

Anonymous Threatens to Hack Japanese Government Websites over Dolphin Hunting [VIDEO]

Threatened attack called OpKillingBay aimed at high-profile sites, including PM’s.

From Politics & Policy Nov 16, 2013

Cameron Warns Sri Lanka of UN Action over War Crimes Allegations

Prime Minister sets March deadline for Sri Lanka to probe rights abuses charges, failing which issue would go to UN.

From Society Nov 15, 2013

Typhoon Haiyan Gives Birth to 'Israel' in IDF Hospital in Philippines [PHOTOS,VIDEO]

Woman gives birth in Israeli makeshift hospital in Philippines and names her child 'Israel'.

From Politics & Policy Nov 15, 2013

North Korea Set for Fourth Nuclear Test, Says South Korea

Vice-defence minister tells South Korean lawmakers Pyongyang ready for another nuclear test.