Articles By Vasudevan Sridharan

From Politics & Policy Nov 23

China Creates Air-Defence Zone over Disputed Islands in East China Sea

Islands, known as Diaoyu in China and Senkaku in Japan, firmly on Chinese radar.

From Politics & Policy Nov 23

Iran Nuclear Talks: Foreign Ministers Fly to Geneva Hoping For Breakthrough

Optimism soars over fresh round of Geneva talks on Iran’s nuclear programme as differences said to be narrow.

From Politics & Policy Nov 22

Hamas Threatens Genocide against Israelis and Vows Jihad

Palestine militant group marks ‘Sigil Stone Operation’ with anti-Israeli rhetoric.

From Politics & Policy Nov 22

JFK Assassination 50th Anniversary Historic Images

Series of official events scheduled in Dallas, Texas, to mark anniversary of Kennedy's assassination.

From Politics & Policy Nov 22

US-Afghan Deal on Presence of Troops Hits Roadblock

Obama keen on early agreement but Karzai wants to wait till after election.

From Society Nov 20

Hamas Leader's Granddaughter Returns Home 'Clinically Dead' as Israeli Doctors Give up on Her

Israeli doctors unable to save Hamas PM Ismail Haniyeh's granddaughter.

From Politics & Policy Nov 20

Khamenei Says Iran wants Friendly Ties with US while Crowd Chants 'Death to America'

Supreme leader tells Basij militiamen that Iran seeks cordial relations with all nations.

From Politics & Policy Nov 20

Venezuela's Maduro Gets Sweeping Powers to Tackle Economic Crisis [VIDEO]

Socialist president can rule without consulting national assembly.

From Politics & Policy Nov 20

Cameron's Call to Rohani Raises Stakes at Geneva Talks

Prime minister discusses bilateral ties and Iran's nuclear issue with president Hassan Rohani.

From Politics & Policy Nov 19

Iran About to Complete Secret Nuclear Facility, Claims Dissident Group

NCRI, exiled in France, says unit located close to Haft-e Tir military facility.