Articles By Vasudevan Sridharan

From Politics & Policy Nov 26, 2013

Iran Nuclear Deal: Focus Shifts to Easing Sanctions [VIDEO]

Iran should be able to access over $5bn of oil and petrochemical revenues as restrictions ease.

From Society Nov 25, 2013

Angola Bans Islam and Shuts Down All Mosques

Christian-majority Angola bans Islam on grounds that it clashes with customs and state religion.

From Politics & Policy Nov 25, 2013

Indian Couple Rajesh and Nupur Talwar Convicted in Aarushi Murder Case

Parents found guilty of murdering teenage daughter Aarushi Talwar and servant.

From Politics & Policy Nov 25, 2013

Virgins Sold in Syrian Refugee Camps for $300

Saudis, Jordanians and Egyptians hunt for virgins in Syrian refugee camps.

From Politics & Policy Nov 25, 2013

Japan Warns China on Air Defence Zone over Disputed Islands [VIDEO]

Japan vows to protect its interests in Senkaku, known as Diaoyu in China.

From Politics & Policy Nov 25, 2013

Secret US-Iran Talks Led to Geneva Nuclear Deal [VIDEO]

Deputy secretary of state William Burns and two top Iranian ministers involved in US-Iran negotiations before accord was finalised.

From Society Nov 24, 2013

Cyclone Leher Brewing in Bay of Bengal after Helen Havoc in South India

Indian state of Andhra Pradesh braced for another tropical storm after Helen.

From Politics & Policy Nov 24, 2013

Israel Rejects Iran Geneva Accord and Vows to Defend Itself

Israel claims pact between Iran and major powers will embolden Iran to move ahead with its nuclear weapons programme.

From Politics & Policy Nov 24, 2013

President Barack Obama's Full Statement on Iran's Nuclear Deal with World Powers [VIDEO]

Iran and six major world powers clinch landmark nuclear deal in Swiss city of Geneva.

From Politics & Policy Nov 24, 2013

Iran and World Powers Clinch Nuclear Deal in Geneva

Iran to get $4.2bn in foreign exchange in return for curbing its nuclear programme, including halting Arak research reactor construction.