Articles By Vasudevan Sridharan

From Politics & Policy Dec 12

India Gay Sex Ban: Activists Outraged but Religious Groups Welcome Ruling [VIDEO]

India's top court declares homosexuality illegal, upholding 153-year old colonial law.

From Politics & Policy Dec 11

Uruguay Becomes First Country to Legalise Marijuana [VIDEO]

Uruguay legalises sale and consumption of marijuana to battle illegal trafficking.

From Politics & Policy Dec 11

India's Top Court Declares Homosexuality Illegal [VIDEO]

LGBT activists break down as court passes down 'backward' judgment.

From Politics & Policy Dec 11

Kiev Riot Police Spark Clashes with Move on Protest Camps [VIDEO]

John Kerry and Catherine Ashton condemn police action while security forces deny dispersing protest camp.

From Politics & Policy Dec 10

North Korea has begun 'Reign of Terror' with Purge of Kim's Uncle, Says Seoul

Park Geun-hye warns that removal of Jang Song-thaek will push Pyongyang closer to instability.

From Politics & Policy Dec 10

South Africa Struggling with Logistics for Nelson Mandela Memorial

Unprecedented attendance of world leaders posing huge challenge.

From Politics & Policy Dec 10

World Leaders Descend on Johannesburg for Nelson Mandela Memorial Service

Nearly 100 heads of state and royals from all corners of world to attend Nelson Mandela's memorial at FNB football stadium.

From Politics & Policy Dec 09

Tehran Battling Severe Pollution as Thick Smoke Blankets City

Substandard private vehicles and low-quality fuel blamed for pollution.

From Politics & Policy Dec 09

Benjamin Netanyahu to Skip Nelson Mandela Memorial Due to Cost

Israeli prime minister not to attend Mandela memorial due to expenses involved.

From Politics & Policy Dec 09

Thai PM Yingluck Dissolves Parliament but Protesters Unrelenting

Protesters demand that Yingluck Shinawatra and her family leave Thailand.