Articles By Valli Meenakshi Ramanathan

From Tech Aug 15, 2012

Windows RT Tablets: Microsoft Identifies Hardware Partners As It Fires First Salvo Against Apple iPad

Software giant Microsoft announced the hardware partners for Windows RT edition. The Windows RT tablets will be accompanied by ARM processor.

From Entertainment Aug 15, 2012

Chelsea Clinton Unveils Her Political Ambition

Chelsea Clinton, daughter of former President Bill Clinton and current Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, has finally announced her plans for running for elected office.

From Economy Aug 15, 2012

iPhone 5, $2.5-Billion Dividend Payout Have Investors, Hedge Funds Buying Apple; Layoff Rumors Have No Impact

News of the probable launch of iPhone 5 September 12 and the $2.5-billion quarterly dividend payout August 16 have made Apple (AAPL) stocks a top pick among retail investors and hedge funds.

From Tech Aug 14, 2012

Windows 8 Tablet: Can Nokia Withstand The Onslaught Of Microsoft, Apple Slugfest?

As Microsoft takes on the well-entrenched Apple in the tablets market with the launch of Surface, Windows 8 tablet, an inopportune knife appears directed at its long time hardware partner, Nokia as well.

From Tech Aug 14, 2012

How Motorola Patents Gain Prominence Amid Job Cuts; Google Accused Of Valuing Patents More Than People

Google's decision to cut 20 percent of Motorola's workforce, totaling 4,000, reignited fears that Google valued Motorola's patents dearly when it acquired the mobile manufacturer in May.

From Society Aug 14, 2012

Women-Only City: How Saudi Arabia's Model Hofuf Enclave For Boosting Employment May End Up Alienating Women From Mainstream

Though Saudi Arabia's purported women-only city appears as a welcome move to boost employment among the fairer sex, they actually spark off an intense debate on disparity and segregation.

From Tech Aug 13, 2012

Digital Games Vs Boxed Games: How Sims Social, Angry Birds Knock Out Fifa, Battlefield

Americans prefer digital games more than traditional boxed games, says a new study on game spending.

From Sports Aug 13, 2012

Closing Ceremony London Olympics 2012: The Not-So-Famous And Famous Faces Who Made A Mark At The Grand Finale (PHOTOS)

As the Olympic stadia venue is cleaned to host the next big sporting event in London, here are a few images that capture the spirit of the closing ceremony.

From Law Aug 13, 2012

Na Cola Darcel Franklin: Bride-To-Be Held For Accidentally Stabbing Fiancé To Death Hours Before Marriage

In a freak incident, bride-to-be Na Cola Darcel Franklin, 31, inadvertently stabbed her fiancé twice in the heart a few hours before they were about to tie the knot.

From Gold Aug 12, 2012

London Olympics 2012: Golden Moments Round Up; Team United States, Usain Bolt, Michael Phelps, Emerge Top Favorites (PHOTOS)

As London gears up to host the Closing Ceremony of Olympics 2012, here's a random selection of golden moments that had adrenalin rushing and fans awestruck.