Articles By Valli Meenakshi Ramanathan

From Companies Aug 24, 2012

South Korean Court Rules Apple, Samsung Infringed Patents, Bans Gadgets Of Both Companies

As technology industry eagerly waits to hear the verdict of U.S. Federal District Court in Apple (AAPL), Samsung (005930) patent tussle a South Korean Court ruled Friday that both the firms were guilty of patent infringement and banned sales of Apple and Samsung smartphones and tablets.

From Companies Aug 23, 2012

T-Mobile Trying To Attract Subscribers With Unlimited Data Plan; Will It Work?

As an attempt to increase its subscriber base, T-Mobile is offering unlimited data plan from Sept. 5, after suspending sales last year.

From Tech Aug 23, 2012

Apple iPhone 5 Vs iPhone 4S: Video Comparison Builds Excitement Ahead Of Sept 12 Release Date Of New iPhone

A new video surfaced Wednesday that appeared to combine several iPhone 4S parts with the next generation iPhone, largely rumored as "iPhone 5," showcasing changes rendered with regard to flex cables and screen size.

From Global Markets Aug 22, 2012

Bank Of America Exits Debt-Protection Products Amidst Industry Scrutiny

Bank of America Corp. (BAC) discontinued credit protection services to customers as it came under scanner for allegations of customer enrollments through improper practices and charging customers without consent. A class action suit is reportedly pending against BAC on the issue.

From Tech Aug 22, 2012

iPhone 5 To Be The 'Most Promising' Apple Smartphone Yet

Though iPhone 5 is yet to be launched, hype over the handset is taking center stage. And when the next-generation iPhone does make its debut, it could well turn out to be one of the most spectacular handset unveiling Apple has ever seen, believes an analyst.

From Science Aug 22, 2012

NASA's Curiosity Rover Gears Up For Test Drive, Identifies Broken Sensor

NASA's Curiosity rover geared up for its first test drive Wednesday over billion-year-old Mars rocks, and the device's broken wind sensor was identified while scientists assured that it would not jeopardize Curiosity's mission of determining whether life could exist there.

From Companies Aug 21, 2012

Rally Puts Apple Stock (AAPL) In Spotlight; Experts Identify IBM As Most Valuable Company

The Apple stock (AAPL) has emerged a market favorite ahead of the Sept. 12 event, cited to be the probable launch date for the next-generation iPhone, iPhone 5 and the iPad Mini. Witnessing a huge rally for the last few days, the stock closed Aug. 20 at an all-time high of $665.15, resulting in a market capitalization value of $665.15 billion.

From Tech Aug 21, 2012

Windows Phone Users Likely To Overtake BlackBerry In US By November

The Windows Phone is all set to garner a third rank in the mobile OS race in the U.S. by November 2012, due to the continuous downslide of the BlackBerry market share, web usage data from StatCounter revealed.

From Tech Aug 20, 2012

Motorola DROID RAZR HD Tutorial Videos Briefly Leaked On YouTube

Ahead of the much-awaited Verizon and Motorola September 5 event, YouTube hosted some leaked tutorial videos for Motorola DROID RAZR HD.

From Science Aug 20, 2012

Oxford Professor Calls For Genetically Engineered 'Ethical Babies' As Moral Obligation

Medical ethicist Julian Savulescu has called for creating genetically engineered ethical babies as a "moral obligation," for parents. Savulescu presents his case, citing the attempt as "responsible parenting.