Articles By Valli Meenakshi Ramanathan

From Entertainment Sep 02, 2012

Miss World 2012: How Miss China, Host City Ordos Have Courted Controversy With Fame; Top 4 Miss World Controversies

Ever since Miss China Wenxia Yu was crowned Miss World Aug.18, she has come under flak for jury favoritism. Even host city Ordos is not spared as reports of economic woes and subtle attempts to refurbish its image surface amid its ongoing attempts to win international recognition.

From Entertainment Aug 31, 2012

RNC 2012: Clint Eastwood's Surprise Appearance At Republican National Convention Propels Star Power To Fore, Evokes Twitter Backlash (VIDEO)

As Clint Eastwood made his "surprise" appearance at the Republican National Convention and delivered his speech supporting Republican Mitt Romney and mocking President Obama, star power came to the fore ahead of November 6 elections even as Twitterati blasted his speech.

From Society Aug 31, 2012

Maria Montessori: World Pays Tribute To Montessori Pioneer On Her 142nd Birth Anniversary

Maria Montessori, a household name with all those seeking an alternative education to their children, is being remembered with great reverence Friday - on the occasion of her 142nd birth anniversary.

From Companies Aug 31, 2012

Apple App Store Turns Down Controversial App That Tracks US Drone Strikes (VIDEO)

Cupertino giant Apple seems to have left an app developer lost as it has continuously rejected an application from its App Store.

From Companies Aug 30, 2012

Apple Vs Samsung Lawsuit Will Spawn More Patent Trials; Patents Are New Currency In Knowledge-Based Economy: Expert (Exclusive Interview)

Patent expert Alexander Poltorak, CEO and chairman of General Patent Corporation, advocates multi-tier patent system, specialized patent courts and arbitration forums as the key facilitators for the speedy resolution of increasing number of patent disputes and dubs patents as the new currency in Knowledge-Based Economy.

From Politics & Policy Aug 30, 2012

Republican National Convention Pays Tribute To Wisconsin Sikh Victims With Prayer; Many Dub Effort As Hollow

In a first of its kind, a Sikh American delivered the invocation at the Republican National Convention (RNC) Wednesday night, CNN reported.

From Society Aug 30, 2012

Coal Mine Blast In Southwest China Kills 19, 28 Missing

A gas explosion at a coal mine in Southwest China Wednesday afternoon killed 19 miners and trapped dozens more, Xinuha reported.

From Society Aug 29, 2012

Muhammad Ali Home Up For Auction Sept 8; Childhood Home Of Boxing Legend Gets Listed At $1.9 Million

It seems like Louisville real estate market is witnessing some prime action as the house of boxing legend Muhammad Ali goes up for auction Sept. 8.

From Science Aug 29, 2012

NASA Beams Song From Mars Curiosity Rover; Artist Urges Students To 'Reach For The Stars' (VIDEO)

Popular adage for aiming higher reads: Hitch your wagon to a star! And that is exactly what NASA and artist seemed to be attempting as, for the first time in history, a recorded song was beamed to Earth from Mars Tuesday.

From Society Aug 29, 2012

Hurricane Isaac 2012: Fierce Winds, Heavy Rains Strike Gulf Coast; Weather Forecasts Predict Hurricane To Last Two More Days (PHOTOS)

Isaac is set to continue pelting Louisiana today and tomorrow, with torrential rain and wind causing widespread flooding across the Gulf Coast.