Articles By Valli Meenakshi Ramanathan

From Society Aug 08, 2012

Former Girlfriend Of Wisconsin Gunman Held On Weapon Charge

South Milwaukee police arrested the former girlfriend of Wisconsin gunman Wade Michael Page Tuesday following recovery of an unauthorized gun from her home.

From Tech Aug 07, 2012

NASA Technician Bobak Ferdowsi's Mohawk Turns New Champion On Twitterverse As Curiosity Makes Historic Landing On Mars

Reports of NASA's Activity Lead Bobak Ferdowsi became one of the most trending topics across a host of social media sites including Twitter, Meme and Facebook Sunday, as millions watched Curiosity's successful landing at 10:31 pm PDT (early morning EDT) August 5 on Mars after the dangerous "seven minutes of terror.

From Science Aug 07, 2012

NASA Scientists Hail Mars Rover Landing As 'Miracle Of Engineering' (PHOTOS)

Scanning the first images of an ancient crater that may hold clues about whether life existed on Mars, NASA scientists hailed the Mars Rover Curiosity's landing on the Red Planet as a "miracle of engineering.

From Society Aug 07, 2012

Sikh Temple Killer's Mother Apologizes To Wisconsin Shooting Victims

Laura Lynn, the mother of former soldier Wade Michael Page, who shot dead six people and injured three at a Sikh Temple on Sunday, expressed her anguish over how her "precious little boy" had turned into a killer and apologized to the victims of the Wisconsin temple shooting.

Aug 06, 2012

Lenovo Unveils Lighter, Faster ThinkPad X1 Laptop; Authorities Optimistic On Windows 8

Lenovo, the second largest PC manufacturer, unveiled a lighter and faster ThinkPad laptop Monday to appeal to users who prefer the convenience of tablets and smartphones.

From Tech Aug 06, 2012

Nokia To Unveil Windows Phone 8 Handsets In Early September: Report

Nokia, the Finnish handset manufacturer, is all set to unveil new Windows Phone 8 handsets in the first week of September during the Nokia World 2012 event.

From Tech Aug 06, 2012

Rumors Of Apple Mulling Purchase Of The Fancy Gathers Pace

Even before news of Apple's acquisition of fingerprint scanning company AuthenTec could take effect among technology enthusiasts, news of Apple considering another company, The Fancy, a growing e-commerce related Social Network is gathering pace.

From Tech Aug 05, 2012

Did Apple Allow Hackers Access To User's iCloud Account And Wipe Out Data?

Apple sidestepped security procedures and inadvertently allowed hackers to access an Apple user's iCloud account that resulted in massive data loss, the Forbes reported Sunday.

From Tech Aug 05, 2012

Apple Files Patent Application For iPad Smart Cover With Secondary Display

Apple filed a new patent application on Thursday, August 2 with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for an iPad Smart Cover that would also function as a secondary touchscreen display for the device.

From Tech Aug 05, 2012

How Google's Chopping Block Plans To Phase Out Products? Find Out

Search giant Google has announced plans to phase out products that are not fetching expected results and focus on products that are doing well, in order to provide better service for users.