Articles By Valli Meenakshi Ramanathan

From Science Aug 12, 2012

Perseid Meteor Shower Attracts Astronomers, Skygazers; Meteor Shower 2012 First Images (PHOTOS)

The Perseid Meteor shower peaked Saturday night above the US skyline with rates as high as 100 per hour offering spectacular views of shooting stars as meteors entered Earth's atmosphere.

From Economy Aug 12, 2012

Billionaire George Soros Set To Marry For Third Time, Announces Engagement With Girlfriend Tamiko Bolton

Legendary investor and billionaire George Soros announced that he is engaged and all set to marry his girlfriend of last four years, Tamiko Bolton, during his 82nd birthday celebration on August 11.

From Tech Aug 10, 2012

Global Broadband Speed Up 25%, US Connection Speed Increases 29% To 6.7 Mbps: Akamai

The speed of broadband connections is steadily on the rise, Akamai's Q1 2012 "State of the Internet" report has stated. The broadband speed is now 2.6 Mbps in comparison to 2.3 Mbps registered last quarter.

From Tech Aug 10, 2012

Nation-Backed Surveillance Virus Monitors Middle East Bank Accounts

Kaspersky Lab, a leading security firm, says it has discovered a fourth state-sponsored virus in the Middle East in a span of three years that targets computers in Lebanon.

From Tech Aug 10, 2012

Demand For Wearable Technology Bound To Grow Over $6 Billion By 2016: IMS Research

Increasing demand for real-time data in a range of applications will drive demand for wearable technology from 14 million devices in 2011 to over a $6-billion opportunity by 2016, IMS Research has predicted.

From Tech Aug 09, 2012

Internet Archive Partners BitTorrent To Serve 1 Petabyte of Classics, Modern Favorites

Internet Archive, a non-profit project established to act as online library for digital information has to date promoted nearly a petabyte data of content via the controversial file-sharing site, BitTorrent.

From Science Aug 09, 2012

Mars Crater That Anchors NASA's Rover Curiosity Similar To Earth (PHOTOS)

The Martian crater where Curiosity rover landed Sunday looks strikingly similar to the Mojave Desert in California, scientists have said.

From Tech Aug 09, 2012

New Flash Plug-in On Google Chrome For Windows Users Facilitates Smoother Browsing Experience

For long, Flash has been a key deterrent to a smooth Internet experience of browsers owing to stability and security issues. To address this aspect, Google Chrome introduced an updated version of Flash plug-in for Windows users.

From Tech Aug 08, 2012

Microsoft Surface Version 2.0 Rumors Takeover Web Even Before First Windows 8 Surface Tablet Launch

Even as software giant Microsoft wages a singular battle to calm down its hardware partners over its tablet venture, Surface, scheduled to be launched October 26, rumors of Surface V 2.0, the next edition of the tablet, eclipsed the World Wide Web Tuesday.

From Tech Aug 08, 2012

How Hacker Forced Amazon, Apple To Review Security Policies Amidst Growing Online Sabotage

Technology firms Amazon and Apple have decided not to entertain account change and password reset requests over phone following hacking of iCloud account of Wired reporter August 3. Besides, Amazon and Apple are likely to enforce stringent security measures against growing hacking concerns.