Articles By Umberto Bacchi

From Politics & Policy Nov 20

Britain Summons Spanish Ambassador over Gibraltar ‘Incursion’

Madrid’s envoy to London Federico Trillo summoned over territorial waters dispute

From Politics & Policy Nov 20

Toronto Crack Cocaine Mayor Rob Ford Quits Alcohol in ‘Come-to-Jesus Moment’

Canadian conservative politician stripped of most mayoral powers by city council.

From Politics & Policy Nov 20

Edward Snowden NSA Scandal: Australia PM Tony Abbott not Sorry

Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono angered at Canberra's lack of remorse.

From Politics & Policy Nov 19

Beirut Iran Embassy Suicide Bombing: Al-Qaida-linked Abdullah Azzam Brigades Claim Responsibility [VIDEO]

Tehran’s cultural attaché to Lebanon, Sheikh Ibrahim Ansari, among 23 killed by twin blast in Hezbollah stronghold

From Society Nov 19

Italy: Cyclone Cleopatra Kills 17 in Sardinia [VIDEO]

Heavy rains lashes Mediterranean island causing floods and landslides

From Politics & Policy Nov 19

Lebanon: Suicide Bombing at Beirut’s Iranian Embassy Kills 17 [VIDEO]

Tehran's diplomatic compound in Lebanese capital hit by twin blast.

From Society Nov 19

Cairo Wedding Family Killed in Train Crash at Level Crossing [PHOTOS]

26 dead after bus driver warning lights at crossing in Dahshur, say rail officials.

From Sports Nov 19

German ‘Jihadi’ Footballer Burak Karan Killed in Syria

Former German national under-17 team player dead in bombing after quitting football for radical Islam.

From Politics & Policy Nov 18

Boko Haram's Escaped '007 Hostage' Francis Collomp Returns to France

French engineer suffering from heart condition flees from Boko Haram’s spinoff Ansaru militant group prison.

From Politics & Policy Nov 18

Edward Snowden NSA Scandal: Indonesia Recalls Ambassador over Australia’s Spying on President and Wife

Canberra snooped on President Susilo Bambang Yuhoyono and first lady Ani Yudhoyono.