Articles By Umberto Bacchi

From Society Nov 22, 2013

Latvia Maxima Supermarket Roof Collapse: Firefighters among 32 Victims [VIDEO+PHOTOS]

In Riga at least 32 people have died and 35 been wounded after the roof of a store caved in.

From Society Nov 22, 2013

Holland’s Got Talent's Racist Judge Gordon Heuckeroth Abuses Contestant Xiao Wang [VIDEO]

Judge at Dutch version of Simon Cowell’s talent show accused of racism.

From Politics & Policy Nov 22, 2013

Pope Francis Speaks Up Against Christian Persecution in the Middle East

Pontiff worried by sectarian violence in Syria, Iraq and Egypt urges authorities to protect the faithful.

From Politics & Policy Nov 22, 2013

Iraq: ‘Al-Qaida’s Truck Driver Lured Victims to Death’ in Market Bombing

Explosion in al-Saadiyah, 90 miles northeast of Baghdad, kills 27 in Shia Kurd area.

From Politics & Policy Nov 21, 2013

North Korea Detains 85-year-old US War Vet Merrill Newman During Tourist Trip

Californian suffering from heart condition arrested at Pyongyang’s airport, son says

From Politics & Policy Nov 21, 2013

Edward Snowden NSA Scandal: Indonesian Nationalists Burn Australian Flags in Anti-Spying Protest [PHOTOS]

PM Tony Abbott pledges full explanation as protesters threaten to attack embassy.

From Politics & Policy Nov 21, 2013

Israel Looks Beyond US as Iran Nuclear Talks Reopen [VIDEO]

Washington cannot be Tel Aviv's sole partner after Tehran talks upset, says Avigdor Lieberman.

From Society Nov 21, 2013

China's Ex-President Jiang Zemin Faces Spanish Arrest Warrant over Tibet 'Genocide'

Former PM Li Peng among top Communist officials accused of crimes against humanity in Madrid.

From Politics & Policy Nov 20, 2013

Edward Snowden NSA Scandal: Indonesia Halts Military Cooperation over Australian Spying

President Yudhoyono demands explanation form PM Tony Abbott.

From Society Nov 20, 2013

Sinai: Suicide Bomber Hits Egyptian Military Bus Killing 10

Convoy carrying off-duty security forces struck by car bomb near coastal city of el-Arish.