Articles By Umberto Bacchi

From Society Nov 27, 2013

Holland’s Got Talent Judge Gordon Heuckeroth: No Remorse for Racist Abuse of Singer Xiao Wang

Asian community in Netherlands sends open letter to broadcaster RTL over racist incident.

From Society Nov 27, 2013

Tiger Handler Dave Styles Mauled at Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin’s Australia Zoo [PICS]

Sumatran tiger attacks worker at Queensland’s wildlife park founded by famous crocodile hunter.

From Politics & Policy Nov 27, 2013

China Defends Diaoyu/Senkaku Air Defence Zone against US and Japan

Australia joins islands ownership row by summoning Beijing’s envoy to Canberra but China remains defiant.

From Society Nov 26, 2013

London Mafia Boss Domenico Rancadore Wins Bail

Cosa Nostra member wanted by Italian authorities was arrested at west London home.

From Politics & Policy Nov 25, 2013

Ukraine: EU Protesters Clash with Police In Kiev [PHOTOS]

Fourth day of demonstrations over Ukraine's last-minute snub of EU deal under Kremlin pressure.

From Politics & Policy Nov 25, 2013

French Politician Quits FN over ‘Swastika Tattoos, Homophobia and Xenophobia’

Arnaud Cléré claims far-right movement has not changed under leadership of Marine Le Pen.

From Politics & Policy Nov 23, 2013

JFK Assassination 50th Anniversary: Dallas Remembers [PHOTOS]

Thousands of Texans at official memorial commemorating John F Kennedy's assassination in Dealey Plaza.

From Society Nov 23, 2013

Holland’s Got Talent Racist Judge Gordon Heuckeroth Should be Sacked, Simon Cowell Told

Online petition demands head of Dutch judge over televised racist remarks against contestant Xiao Wang.

From Politics & Policy Nov 23, 2013

China ‘Flies First Aircraft Carrier Stealth Drone’

Tailless delta-wing drone named Lijian, or 'Sharp Sword' makes test run in southwestern China.

From Politics & Policy Nov 23, 2013

French Minister Dominique Bertinotti Reveals She Has Breast Cancer

Families minister discovered she had breast cancer during routine mammogram in February.