Articles By Umberto Bacchi

From Politics & Policy Nov 28

Berlusconi’s Girlfriend Drags Pope Francis into Expulsion Row

Francesca Pascale demands audience with pontiff over former PM’s expulsion from Senate.

From Society Nov 28

Tucson Captive Sisters Tortured with Barrage of Music in Arizona Home Hell

The girls’ stepfather Fernando Richter and mother Sophia Richter charged with kidnapping, emotional and physical abuse

From Politics & Policy Nov 28

China ‘Could Shoot Down Hostile Aircraft’ over Diaoyu/Senkaku Air Defence Zone

Beijing attacks Australia over criticism for unilateral imposition of air defence zone over Diaoyu/Senkaku archipelago.

From Politics & Policy Nov 28, 2013

Italy: Silvio Berlusconi Ousted from Senate [VIDEO]

Former prime minister expelled by parliament in Rome after tax fraud conviction.

From Society Nov 28, 2013

London Mafia Boss Domenico Rancadore Suffers Heart Attack before Bail Hearing

Convicted Sicilian mobster rushed from prison cell to St George's Hospital.

From Society Nov 28, 2013

Italian Mafia Boss ‘Fed to Pigs’ in Calabria

'Ndrangheta mobster Francesco Raccosta killed during turf war in Oppido Mamertina, police say.

From Society Nov 27, 2013

Russian Police Seize Explosives in Raid on Islamist Takfir Wal-Hijra Group

Fifteen suspects linked to Egyptian jihadist group arrested in Moscow with stash of bombs, grenades and guns.

From Politics & Policy Nov 27, 2013

Germany's SPD Hails Coalition Talks Success with Merkel [VIDEO]

Conservative Christian Democrats and Bavarian CSU join coalition with Social Democrats.

From Society Nov 27, 2013

Amanda Knox Retrial: 'Meredith Kercher Murdered over Toilet Cleaning Squabble’

Prosecutor Alessandro Crini demands 30-year sentence for former US student over Perugia killing.

From Politics & Policy Nov 27, 2013

US Defies China’s Air Defence Zone with B-52 Military Jet Flight [VIDEO]

Two American military aircraft fly over disputed Diaoyu/Senkaku islands in contravention of China demand.