Articles By Tom Porter

From Society Nov 30, 2013

Glasgow Clutha Pub Crash: Local Heroes Formed Human Chain to Rescue Helicopter Victims

Passers-by rushed to help those trapped in the wreckage of the city centre pub.

From Society Nov 30, 2013

Glasgow Clutha Pub Helicopter Death Toll Will Rise, Say Police

Emergency services engaged in 'difficult and sensitive' operation to detect survivors.

From Society Nov 24, 2013

Lambeth Slave Women Met Captor Through 'Shared Ideology'

More facts have emerged about the three women kept as slaves 'for decades' in south London home.

From Society Nov 24, 2013

Islamist Rebels Seize Syria's Largest Oil Field [VIDEO]

If confirmed, victory would place rebels in control of nearly all of country's oil reserves and threaten Assad's access to fuel.

From Society Nov 24, 2013

Hand Over Businesses or Face Jail, Mugabe Tells Foreigners in Zimbabwe

Foreigners banned from holding controlling share in businesses across swathes of Zimbabwean economy.

From Society Nov 24, 2013

London Slave Women are Tip of Iceberg, Warns Frank Field MP

Anti-trafficking charity estimates that more than 5,000 people being held against their will in UK.

From Society Nov 23, 2013

Lambeth Slave Women 'Brainwashed over Decades'

Investigators believe three women subjected to cult-like regime of 'invisible handcuffs'.

From Science Nov 18, 2013

Italy's Mount Etna Erupts, Lighting Up Sicilian Sky [VIDEO]

Europe's most active volcano blows its top, but locals in no danger.

From Society Nov 18, 2013

Thousands Protest in Naples at Mafia Dumping of Toxic Waste

In areas around Naples cancer rates have risen by more than 50% over two decades.

From Sports Nov 18, 2013

Can 'Justin Bieber' of Chess Magnus Carlsen Join Ranks of All-Time Greats?

As Carlsen seeks to cement status with World Championship victory, we look at game's top five all-time greats.