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A couple hold hands as they walk through downtown Sydney with their shopping from Australian department store retailer Myer, March 6, 2014.

From Society Jun 06

The Law of Attraction: Study Finds It takes Time to Love Unattractive People

While most people find the beginning stages of a relationship to be the most exciting, it's oftentimes the most difficult. Attractiveness and one's exterior qualities are given the most weight because generally, people are more attracted to those who are well, attractive.

From Science Jun 06

Moon Borne Out of Its Own "Big Bang" Incident, Revealed Study

There has always been questions regarding the origins of the Earth's lone lunar orb and a recent study by German scientists strength notions about how the moon came about. Analyses on chemical compositions through precise laser-based methods were conducted on the lunar rock samples brought home...

Singers Carrie Underwood and Miranda Lambert arrive at the 2014 CMT Music Awards in Nashville

From Science Jun 06

Weight Loss Secret: How Miranda Lambert Lost 45 Pounds

All eyes were on country singer Miranda Lambert as the blonde beauty flaunted her new toned physique at the 2013 CMT Music Awards Wednesday, June 4. Various reports claim that the blonde beauty dropped 45 pounds, but the question is how did she do it?

From Society Jun 06

Harvard Confirms Book Bound Using Human Skin

While people aren't suppose to judge books by their cover, this might be one of those times when a reader definitely should. Experts at Harvard have confirmed that a 19th-century book housed in one the prestigious University's many libraries, specifically the Houghton Library, Harvard's rare-book repository, has indeed been bound by human flesh.

From Science Jun 06

Marijuana Possibly the Reason You Can't Have Kids, Pot Linked to infertility

A study published in medical journal Human Reproduction has claimed that the use of marijuana may have adverse effects on a man's sperm that may affect one's fertility.

From Science Jun 05

Mars Mission: It's Now or Never

The National Research Council has released a long-awaited report penned by a group of experts on the United States' human spaceflight program. The report discusses the goal for humans to reach Mars and the critical concerns regarding funding such a momentous objective.

MERS reuters

From Science Jun 05

Saudi Arabia Reports Sharp Spike in MERS Deaths, 282 Total

Saudi Arabia has revealed that it has significantly more deaths caused by the fatal Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) coronavirus than earlier reported. According to Saudi Arabia's Ministry of Health, the new total cases of MERS stands at 282 since 2012, much higher than the previous official death toll pegged at 190.

From Society Jun 05

Inside the New York City Battle on Banning Large Sugary Drinks

A State attorney argues that the city's local Board of Health has within its power to ban products that could contribute to health risks. Officials urge the Court of Appeals in Albany to reinstate the ban which has already been denied by the lower courts because it should have been adopted by the elected City Council and not the health department.

From Science Jun 05

Turns Out Koalas Hug Trees to Beat the Heat

According to a recent study by a team of Australian and American researchers of koalas on French Island, just outside of Melbourne, koalas hug low-lying branches to cool themselves with the lower temperatures found inside the tree. The witty little marsupials are actually using nature's own air conditioning.

From Science Jun 05

Effects of the Little Blue Pill: Study Finds Higher Melanoma Risk For Men Who Use Viagra

The little blue pill may have a powerful side effect aside from boosting sexual performance. A new study that appears in JAMA Internal Medicine reports that the use of sildenafil (or commonly "Viagra") is associated with melanoma. The authors reveal that the drug may increase the risk of melanoma or skin cancer by as high as 84 per cent.