Articles By Ryan Villarreal

From Politics & Policy Feb 08, 2013

Russia's Olympic Venues Built By Exploited Migrant Workers: Human Rights Watch

Russia is preparing to host the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, but reports of widespread exploitation of migrant workers have raised concerns about human rights abuses.

From Faith & Belief Sep 19, 2012

Hezbollah Issues Fatwa Against 'Innocence Of Muslims' Makers; Rushdie Blasts Movie

The leader of Lebanon's militant Islamist political party Hezbollah has issued a proclamation calling for the death of the producers of the highly controversial film, "Innocence of Muslims," which has sparked outrage, protests and violent attacks throughout the Islamic world.

From Faith & Belief Sep 18, 2012

French Cardinal Warns Same-Sex Marriage May Lead To Polygamy, Incest

Cardinal Philippe Barbarin has voiced opposition to the French President Francois Hollande and his administration's efforts to craft legislation legalizing marriage and adoption for same-sex couples.

From Politics & Policy Sep 18, 2012

Former French Oil Executive Extradited To Togo, Faces Fraud Charges

The former CEO of French oil corporation Elf Aquitaine, Loik Le Floch-Prigent, has been extradited from the Ivory Coast to Togo on charges relating to a $48 million fraud scheme. The funds in question were contained in a Togolese bank account belonging to the former military ruler of the Ivory Coast, Robert Guei, who was killed in 2002.

From Politics & Policy Sep 16, 2012

A Tale Of Two Tropical Paradises: Venezuela Fails At Tourism, While Colombia Goes Mainstream

Venezuela and Colombia are both rich in natural beauty, but have taken two very different approaches to tourism. One has seen tourist numbers stagnate while the other is an international success story.

From Faith & Belief Sep 15, 2012

Pope Benedict Visits Lebanon As Protests Spread Over 'Innocence Of Muslims' Movie

Pope Benedict XVI arrived in Lebanon Friday amid heightened tensions in the Muslim and Arab world as protests spread, some violent, in response to an anti-Islam movie produced in the U.S. The pope's three-day visit is focused on expressing support for Christians throughout the region who increasingly feel threatened amid the rising influence of Islamists following the Arab Spring.

From Politics & Policy Sep 15, 2012

Argentines Protest President Fernandez's Economic Policies Amid Rising Inflation

Many Argentines are protesting against the policies of President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner over her tight controls on the economy amid rising inflation. Fernandez has said that her policies are aimed at supporting the most vulnerable in society and will benefit the majority of people as a whole...

From Politics & Policy Sep 14, 2012

South African Activist Elder Epainette Mbeki Scolds ANC

Epainette Mbeki, mother of former South African President Thabo Mbeki and revered anti-Apartheid activist, recently criticized the country's ruling African National Congress which had pressured her son to resign in 2007.

From Politics & Policy Sep 14, 2012

Yemen: Anti-Islam Film Is The Least Of This Poverty-Stricken Nation's Many Problems

Anger in the Muslim and Arab world over an anti-Islam film produced in America has spread to Yemen, where several hundred protesters stormed the U.S. Embassy in the capital, Sanaa. Yemen is already dealing with widespread social problems due to food and water shortages, rising extremism, sectarian conflict and political instability following the popular uprising in the country that began in 2011.

From Politics & Policy Sep 13, 2012

Dutch Parliamentary Elections: Will Far-Right Freedom Party Defy Polls Again?

Far-right Dutch politician and leader of the ultra-conservative Freedom Party Geert Wilders formerly established his party in parliament on a platform of Islamophobic anti-immigration and now seeks to turn nationalist sentiment against the euro zone amid frustrations with debt-laden countries like Greece, Italy and Spain.