Articles By Roxanne Palmer

From Health Aug 08, 2012

Grapefruit Juices Up Cancer Treatment Doses

[EMBARGO 1PM] Grapefruit juice blocks the breakdown of the drug sirolimus, which is why patients are advised not to take the two together -- but now researchers say they can exploit that ability to give cancer patients more bang for their buck.

From Science Aug 08, 2012

New Curiosity Photos Show Giant Martian Mountain, Crater Wall

New photos are streaming back to Earth from NASA's latest Mars rover, Curiosity.

From Science Aug 07, 2012

Recent Heat Waves Caused By Global Warming, Study Claims

NASA researcher James Hansen is coauthor of a new paper that places the blame for heat waves over the past few years squarely on global warming.

From Science Aug 07, 2012

Twitter Goes To Space: Best Tweets From The Curiosity Mars Rover [SLIDESHOW]

Throughout its 352 million-mile journey, NASA's Curiosity rover has been fairly busy, measuring solar radiation, adjusting its navigation toward Mars and keeping its communication antenna pointed toward Earth. Thankfully, it has still found time to tweet updates along the way.

From Science Aug 07, 2012

Mars Rover Curiosity Landing, As Seen From Times Square

Space enthusiasts gathered in Times Square very early on Monday morning to glimpse the first images from NASA's new Mars rover, Curiosity.

From Science Aug 05, 2012

The Animalympics: Which Species Are Fastest, Strongest Or Hardiest? [GRAPHIC]

Athletes from all over the world are jumping, running, swimming and tumbling in London right now to claim the gold. In the animal world, which species would prevail in a similar contest? We think it might turn out something like this.

From Science Aug 04, 2012

Curiosity Mars Rover Landing Preview: 'Seven Minutes Of Terror' In Space

NASA will be streaming coverage of the Curiosity rover landing online starting at 11:30pm Eastern Time. There are also watching events at museums and science centers across the U.S. New York City will get to watch the landing on a very big screen - the Toshiba Vision screen at One Times Square, which is usually the focal point for the New Year's Eve ball drop.

From Science Aug 02, 2012

Skin Cancer Seen In Wild Fish For First Time; Ozone Hole Suspected

Researchers found a significant number of coral trout with dark lesions on their skin that are nearly identical to human melanoma.

From Health Aug 02, 2012

A Coffee (Or Two) A Day To Keep Parkinson's Symptoms Away?

In a small trial of 61 Parkinson's patients, those who took caffeine supplements for six weeks saw modest improvements in some of their symptoms.

From Science Aug 02, 2012

Muscular Dystrophy Symptoms Reversed In Mice By 'Antisense' Drugs

Mice that were given antisense compounds twice a week for four weeks had reduced symptoms for up to one year, according to the paper. The researchers say it's still unclear whether the drug will work in humans, but they are cautiously optimistic.