Articles By Roxanne Palmer

From Science Aug 21, 2012

"Biorefinery" Turns Stale Pastries Into Commercial Chemical

Succinic acid is used in a wide range of products. Many companies are looking to create this compound using corn, but a Hong Kong chemist thinks it could be more sustainable in the long run to use the food that we toss out in the trash.

From Science Aug 21, 2012

Coconut Water Vs. Sports Drinks: Chemist Weighs In

Some are swapping sports drinks for coconut water, but new research says that coconut water is fine after light exercise, but the marathon runners and heavy lifters among us may want to stick with Gatorade.

From Science Aug 21, 2012

Todd Akin's Remarks On Rape-Pregnancy Rates Only True For Some Nonhuman Animals

A Missouri congressman is drawing fire for suggesting that women's bodies can shut down pregnancy after being raped. There's no evidence to show that humans can do this, but some animals actually do have methods to avoid pregnancy from rape.

From Science Aug 18, 2012

One Man's Waste Is Another's Golden Opportunity: Gates Foundation Awards Next-Gen Toilet Designers

The Gates Foundation is aiming to address a prevalent problem for the urban poor and the developing world: the lack of a hygienic place to poop.

From Science Aug 18, 2012

Polar Bear In German Zoo Died From Zebra Herpes Virus, Scientists Say

Researchers say Jerka the polar bear died from encephalitis brought upon by a bug normally found in zebras that's an amalgam of two different kinds of equine herpes virus.

From Science Aug 18, 2012

Beware The 'Cave Robber': New Spider With Velociraptor-Like Claws Found In Oregon

Scientists are saying the newly discovered species Trogloraptor marchingtoni doesn't fit into any previously described family of spiders.

From Science Aug 17, 2012

Breast Milk Ingredient May Guard Against HIV

Researchers say that higher concentrations of human milk oligosaccharides, or HMO -- a kind of complex carbohydrate that's the third-most abundant ingredient in breast milk -- were associated with protection against HIV transmission to infants.

From Science Aug 17, 2012

Walnuts Put Extra Spring In A Man's Sperm, Study Claims

A few walnuts a day might keep a trip to the infertility clinic away, a new study claims.

From Science Aug 17, 2012

Birth Control For Mice And Men: Study Finds Promising Compound

Researchers say they've found a compound that temporarily reduces sperm count and movement in mice with no lasting health effects, raising hopes for a male contraceptive.

From Science Aug 16, 2012

Mutant Butterflies Found Near Fukushima Disaster Site

A new paper details the physical and genetic changes wrought by the Fukushima nuclear disaster upon Japanese populations of Zizeeria maha, the pale grass blue butterfly.