Articles By Roxanne Palmer

From Science Aug 28, 2012

Childbirth Timing Isn't In The Hips, Researchers Argue

A new theory says that childbirth is timed to occur just as women approach a 'metabolic danger zone' after which they'll be taxed beyond their limits.

From Science Aug 28, 2012

Animals Playing Video Games: Call of the Wild Meets Call of Duty [VIDEOS]

Scientists and pet owners alike are finding that animals can be gamers too.

From Science Aug 26, 2012

Synthetic Biology Aims To Turn Cells Into Chemists Producing Treatments For Diabetes And Cancer -- And Easing Journeys To Mars

Researchers working in the relatively new field of "synthetic biology" aim to make biological parts as standardized as screws and nails. They're on the precipice of being able to do great things and perhaps change the nature of medical treatments and space travel.

From Science Aug 25, 2012

AIDS-Like Disease In SE Asia Is Not Spread By Virus: Study

The disease dubbed "Adult-Onset Immunodeficiency" by researchers is not caused by a virus, meaning it is not contagious.

From Science Aug 25, 2012

Whoa There! Scientists Say Horse Breeders Should Rein In Hot Iron Branding

Though ranchers in many countries prefer using hot iron to mark their horses, the practice is painful -- and over time, the brands become near-impossible to read, a new study claims.

From Science Aug 23, 2012

Big Bang? More Like Big Freeze, Some Physicists Now Say

A new paper hypothesizes that the early universe was liquid-like but then "crystallized' into our current universe, with three spatial dimensions and one time dimension.

From Health Aug 23, 2012

Fight Against Brown Bananas With Crab Shell Compound

A spritz of "hydrogel" coating turns out to keep bananas fresher longer, scientists claim.

From Science Aug 23, 2012

A Good Night's Sleep Less Likely For Minorities, Scientists Say

There's a burgeoning crop of studies that suggest minority groups have higher rates of disordered sleep than Caucasians.

From Science Aug 22, 2012

Why Do The Caribbean Islands Form An Arc?

By looking at earthquake data, scientists were able to get a clear picture of the interaction between the continental South American plate and the Caribbean Plate, which is mostly oceanic.

From Science Aug 22, 2012

Planets Balanced On Giza Pyramids? Not So Fast, Astronomer Says

Perhaps you've seen a Photoshopped picture showing three planets in our solar system perfectly aligned with the tips of Egyptian pyramids. One astronomer explains how the celestial event scheduled for later this year won't be quite as dramatic as advertised.