Articles By Roxanne Palmer

From Science Sep 08, 2012

'Zombee' Apocalypse: Researchers Ask Citizens To Be On Lookout For Parasite-Infected Bees

San Francisco State University biologists have tagged bees infected with parasitic fly larvae using tiny radio trackers.

From Science Sep 07, 2012

Many English Football Teams Not Following Concussion Guidelines

Instead of following recommended procedures, many professional football teams in the UK are failing to assess their players before and after concussions and are using outdated fixed periods of rest after head injuries.

From Science Sep 07, 2012

Ginkgo Biloba Ineffective In Stopping Alzheimer Dementia, Trial Finds

After five years, taking ginkgo extract twice a day appeared to offer no added benefit for people that had complained of memory problems.

From Science Sep 06, 2012

Do Parents Weigh The Common Good In Vaccine Choices?

Some parents seem to immunize their children because of the potential benefits to others, but whether or not this is a common motivator is largely unknown, researchers wrote.

From Science Sep 06, 2012

Cutting Down Tropical Forests Means Less Rain, Study Says

Scientists found that the air that passes over large rainforests produces twice as much rain or more as air that passes over deforested areas.

From Science Sep 06, 2012

Neti Pots Linked To Deadly Brain Infections: CDC

While potentially dangerous organisms are destroyed by stomach acids if you drink tap water, forcing it into your sinuses is another story, since your nose doesn't have anything in the way of an acidic defense.

From Science Sep 05, 2012

New Less-Invasive Down Syndrome Test Reduces Miscarriage Risk

One scientist says a new kind of way to detect Down syndrome, which looks for traces of the baby's DNA in the mother's blood sample as early as the first trimester, will pick up nearly all cases of the genetic disorder in the womb.

From Science Sep 05, 2012

Scent-sational Scientists Restore Smell To Mice

Now there may be hope the the olfactorily challenged, thanks to scientists that have restored smelling function in mice that were previously genetically destined to have no sense of smell.

From Science Sep 05, 2012

Asthma Steroid Treatments In Childhood Make For Slightly Shorter Adults

Researchers found that individuals who received a steroid treatment for asthma as children were a little more than a centimeter (half an inch) shorter, on average, than those who had taken placebo in a previous study,

From Science Sep 05, 2012

Type A Personality Doubles Stroke Risk: Study

Spanish researchers found that people who showed signs of having a Type A personality -- the multitasking, driven workaholics - had double the risk of suffering a stroke as compared to their more laid-back neighbors.