Articles By Roxanne Palmer

From Science Sep 13, 2012

Betting On Physics: Researchers Use Math To Predict Dice Rolls

The researchers say that the dynamics of a coin, die or roulette ball can actually be described by equations of motion.

From Science Sep 13, 2012

10 Animals That Could Disappear Forever [PHOTOS]

Scientists have recently come out with a list of 100 species teetering on the brink of extinction, highlighting animals other than the usual suspects like the giant panda. Take a gander at these adorably doomed creatures.

From Science Sep 13, 2012

Shattered Glass: Beware Exploding Baking Dishes

A spate of consumer reports of shattering glass cookware can be explained by the kind of glass that manufacturers are using, which is less able to withstand large, sudden temperature changes than cookware that uses a classic formula.

From Science Sep 12, 2012

Dengue Vaccine Falters At Trial -- Knocks Out Only 3 Out Of 4 Viruses

Because dengue is caused by one of four kinds of closely related viruses, it's been especially difficult to develop a single vaccine versatile enough to protect against it. Now, an international team of researchers says they've made a breakthrough, but the vaccine has turned out much less potent than observers had hoped.

Sep 12, 2012

9/11 Health Toll Still Hazy After 11 Years

Between 40,000 and 90,000 emergency workers and volunteers spent time sifting through the remains at Ground Zero, and were exposed to toxic materials that have been blamed for a range of respiratory illnesses and other ailments.

From Science Sep 12, 2012

Sky's No Real Limit For Wind Power, Scientists Say

Four million wind turbines in an all clean-energy economy in 2030 could supply enough to meet more than half the world's energy demand, according to a new study.

From Science Sep 11, 2012

Closer Look At HIV Vaccine Trial Yields New Ways To Attack Virus

A new paper taking a closer look at the people who volunteered for a previous HIV vaccine trial in Thailand has identified precise targets on the virus that could form the base of a more effective vaccine.

From Science Sep 11, 2012

Turn, Turn, Turn: The Science Of Fall Foliage

Temperature plays a role in producing colorful autumn leaves, but the increasing chill of fall is only part of the story.

From Science Sep 08, 2012

UV Vision Helps Crabs See On Ocean Floor

Researchers found eight kinds of crab had eyes that are sensitive to blue light -- and two of those species had eyes that are sensitive to both blue and ultraviolet light.

From Science Sep 08, 2012

Netflix Marathons For The Soul: TV Reruns Restore Willpower, Study Finds

Returning to a familiar world and characters can be a way for people to replenish the reservoir of will in their psyche, a new study argues.