Articles By Roxanne Palmer

From Science Sep 19, 2012

High BPA Exposure Tied To Childhood Obesity

New York University School of Medicine researcher Leonardo Trasande and his colleagues examined urinary BPA levels in a sample of nearly 3,000 children and adolescents, including 1,047 children scored as overweight and 590 scored as obese.

From Science Sep 19, 2012

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Not Linked To Virus

Researchers examined blood samples from 147 people diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome and 146 healthy subjects. The researchers found no traces of the viruses previously linked to chronic fatigue syndrome in either group.

From Science Sep 19, 2012

Astronomers Reach Verdict On Distance From Earth To Sun, Finally

A new fixed figure replaces the complicated equation that served as the previous definition of an astronomical unit..

From Science Sep 18, 2012

Antibody Targets Multiple Flu Strains With Long, Powerful Protein Fingers

Scientists dream of universal flu vaccines and therapies that could throttle pandemics before they even have a chance to spread, and the recent discovery a new, multi-tasking antibody suggests it might be possible.

From Science Sep 18, 2012

Hope For New Drug-Resistant TB Treatment From Bacterial Compound

Scientists have figured out how a compound called pyridomycin kills the bacteria that causes tuberculosis, and found that it can work its magic even against certain drug-resistant strains.

From Science Sep 18, 2012

New Baby Panda Born At National Zoo After 5 False Alarms

Proud panda mother Mei Xiang has shown similar signs of pregnancy five times since 2007, all of which turned out to be false alarms. But on Sunday night, she delivered.

From Science Sep 16, 2012

Fear And Latex In Los Angeles: Will The Porn Industry Be Forced To Use Condoms?

An AIDS advocacy group wants Los Angeles County to make sure all actors in pornographic films wear condoms, but the porn purveyors are overwhelmingly against it. A California ballot initiative will decide who prevails.

From Science Sep 15, 2012

Van Gogh Painting's Color-Changing Flowers Demystified By Chemists

Researchers say areas of a Van Gogh painting where bright yellow flowers have turned orange-gray is the result of a previously undocumented kind of chemical degredation caused by an interaction between paint and varnish.

From Science Sep 14, 2012

Bloomberg Large Soda Ban Passed By NYC Health Board, 8-0

Starting March 12, food businesses regulated by the city will not be able to sell many sugary drinks in containers larger than 16 ounces.

From Science Sep 13, 2012

Male Stroke Survivors Dogged More By Depression Than Females: Study

Researchers measured 36 people who had suffered a stroke within the last 3 years for signs of depression, and found that male subjects were more likely to feel depressed by their precarious health than the female participants.