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From Society 12:32 pm

New Zealand Scientist Mary Quin to Serve as Star Witness to Terrorism Trial in New York

A leading scientist in New Zealand is expected to take the stand in New York as a key witness to a major terrorism trial. Mustafa Kamel Mustafa, also known as Abu Hamza who has a metal hook instead of his right hand, is facing terrorism charges. He denied allegations of setting up a jihad training camp and helping hostage-takers in terrorist attacks in west Yemen.

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott (C) talks to Chinese President Xi Jinping (R) before a meeting at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing, April 11, 2014. REUTERS/Parker Song/Pool

From Politics & Policy 7:14 pm

Australian Mining Billionaire Clive Palmer Opposes Tony Abbott's Direct Action Plan, Thinks It's 'Hopeless'

Clive Palmer, Australia's mining billionaire, will be turning his back on Prime Minister Tony Abbott's Direct Action policy saying it was a "waste of money."

Apple Inc CEO Tim Cook Holds up the New iPad Air During an Apple Event in San Francisco, California

From Companies 6:51 pm

Apple Inc Q2 Earnings Predictions Reveal Low iPad Sales; Apple Celebrates Earth Day with Green-Themed Stores

A day before Apple is due to reveal its earnings report for Q2 FY 2014, Fortune magazine has compiled the company's predictions from 37 analysts.

A Maori warrior performs during an official welcome ceremony for the Rugby World Cup in Auckland September 3, 2011.

From Society 6:17 pm

New Zealanders in Australia Labelled 'Carping Kiwis' After Coming Out as 'Unhappiest Migrants' in Survey

New Zealanders living and working in Australia have been called "carping Kiwis" and "South Sea Poms." A recent survey has revealed that Kiwis the unhappiest migrants in Australia. According to a study by Monash University in Melbourne, New Zealanders were the most likely to be discriminated against and dissatisfied with their financial status.

Relative of passenger on board Malaysia Airlines MH370 puts message on board dedicated to passengers in Beijing

From Society 4:55 pm

Flight MH370: Are Search Crews Giving Up Soon? Malaysian Gov't. to Issue Death Certificates to Outraged Families

As the submarine drone is nearing the end of its mission to search for the wreckage of the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370, families and relatives of the plane's passengers and crew became even angrier with the Malaysian government for planning to issue them death certificates.

Reserve Bank of New Zealand dollar notes

From Economy Apr 22

New Zealand Minister, Economists Slam U.S. Analyst for 'Alarmist' Article on NZ Economy Going to Recession

New Zealand economists have rejected the claims of an analyst writing for U.S. magazine, Forbes, that the country is headed for "a major fall." Jesse Colombo wrote in a Forbes column that New Zealand's housing market was "overvalued" and an increase in interest rates could lead to recession.

Apple's iPhone 5Cs are displayed on racks bearing the logo of China Mobile in Beijing

From Companies Apr 18

Apple Inc (AAPL) Early June Quarter Estimates May Alarm Investors

For Apple Inc.'s investors who expect a strong June quarter, Chuck Jones, a prominent writer of Forbes, has lower expectations. Wall Street's predictions for Apple's June quarter is equally disappointing for those hoping for a big Apple comeback.

Australia's Prime Minister Tony Abbott addresses during the CHOGM opening ceremony in Colombo

From Politics & Policy Apr 17

Tony Abbott's Budget Cuts on Research a Declaration of War on Science

Australia's scientists have found one common enemy in the person of Prime Minister Tony Abbott. Since Mr Abbott won the September 2013 election, some of the country's brilliant researchers have complained that their funding has been cut. The scientists claim their "expertise" is constantly overlooked in favour of deniers and skeptics.

Cyclone Ita

From Society Apr 17

Former Cyclone Ita Brings Severe Weather to New Zealand; Floods and Power Cuts Hit Auckland

What remains of the former cyclone Ita has left New Zealand's Auckland flooded due to strong winds and torrential rain. The Easter weekend has begun, but some residents have to deal with power cuts and road closures. Power service provider Vector Energy is still working to restore electricity to over 15,000 customers. The flooded Tamaki Drive was closed temporarily because of flooding.

New Zealand's Prime Minister John Key speaks at a luncheon in Sydney February 7, 2014 file photo. REUTERS/Brendon Thorne/Pool

From Society Apr 17

New Zealand Bids Goodbye to Ozone-Depleting Substances in Response to Climate Change

New Zealand will phase out the ozone-depleting hydrofluorocarbons (HCFCs) by the end of 2014 in observance of the Montreal Protocol. According to Environment Minister Amy Adams, New Zealand is ahead of the deadline to phase out substances harmful to the Earth's ozone layer by 2030.