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An elderly man takes part in a rally to commemorate International Workers' Day, or Labour Day, in Luhansk, eastern Ukraine, May 1, 2014. REUTERS/Vasily Fedosenko

From Society 12:45 pm

New Zealand Named 10th Best Country in the World for Senior Citizens

Australia ranked 13th with one out of three senior citizens living in poverty.

Workers from Doctors Without Borders unload emergency medical supplies to deal with Ebola

From Health 8:06 pm

Australia's Response to Ebola Crisis 'Lethally Inadequate'

Australia has been criticised for its "lethally inadequate" response to Ebola. Julie Bishop defended the government's decision not to send health workers due to lack of evacuation plans.

A pair of U.S. Air Force F-15E Strike Eagles fly over northern Iraq after conducting airstrikes in Syria

From Society 7:29 pm

Local Syrians Have Mixed Reactions To US Airstrikes Against ISIS; Opposition 'Suspicious'

The opposition in Syria has grown suspicious of the real intentions of the U.S. in the country despite the ongoing airstrikes against the extremist group, ISIS.

Putin Walks Past Obama At The G20 In St. Petersburg

From Politics & Policy 7:26 pm

Former Australian PM Julia Gillard Says Setting Economic Growth Target In G20 'Not Enough'

Ex-prime minister Julia Gillard said if given the chance, she would not only focus on setting economic targets in the G20 meeting in Brisbane but tackle structural reforms to boost growth.

Bill Gates At The Global Alliance for Vaccines And Immunisation (GAVI) Conference

From Health 6:34 pm

Bill Gates Believes Ebola Could Spread Outside West Africa, Warns Countries Should Strengthen Healthcare

Billionaire philanthropist Bill Gates believes it is difficult to assess whether government leaders have done the best they can to help contain the epidemic. The Ebola virus continues to claim lives as the death rate rises to 70 percent.

Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop Speaks At A News Conference at AUSMIN Meeting At Admiralty House In Sydney

From Society 6:28 pm

Australia's Julie Bishop Lauds Emissions Targets As Comparable With Other Countries

Foreign Minister Julie Bishop has commended the emissions target of Australia as at par with other countries.

New Zealand's Prime Minister John Key Speaks At A Luncheon In Sydney

From Society 4:08 pm

New Zealand PM John Key Aware of Kiwis Joining ISIS; New Zealand Not Ready For Airstrikes

New Zealand Prime Minister John Key is aware of a small group of New Zealanders fighting alongside ISIS in the Middle East. He said the threat level of a terror attack is "low" in New Zealand.

The Tiger Airways terminal is seen at Melbourne Airport

From Society Sep 30

Melbourne Wakes Up To Anti-Terror Raids: Seabrook Man Arrested For Funding Terrorist Organisation

New anti-terror raids awakened Melbourne suburb residents as the AFP and Victoria Police carry out their mission in five locations. One man from Seabrook was arrested for funding a U.S. citizen who is fighting in Syria. Intelligence reports revealed he was about to make more fund transfers to terrorists.

A South Australian policeman offers a drink of water to a koala at the side of the road

From Science Sep 30

Australia's Rising Temperatures Have 'Definite' Links To Global Warming

Climate scientists all around the world were united in saying that Australia's heat waves are linked to global warming caused by man-made greenhouse gas emissions.

A Volunteer Displays Jars of Dried Cannabis Buds at the La Brea Collective Medical Marijuana Dispensary in Los Angeles

From Politics & Policy Sep 30

Medical Marijuana Legislation In Australia Gains Traction

Medical marijuana legislation will be introduced in Parliament next month. Prime Minister Tony Abbott has previously expressed his support.