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A Camera Drone Flown By Brian Wilson Flies Near The Scene Where Two Buildings Were Destroyed In An Explosion, In The East Harlem Section In New York City

From Society 12:58 am

New Zealand Sets New Regulations For Flying Unmanned Aircraft

New Zealand's aviation authority is expected to release new rules in flying drones in the country.

New Zealand's Prime Minister John Key

From Politics & Policy 12:51 am

New Zealand PM John Key Told To 'Cut the Crap' and Resign If He Can't Apologise Over SIS Report

New Zealand Prime Minister John Key was told to apologise or resign over the SIS report implicating his staff of dirty dealings.

Australian beach

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Bioterrorist Attack And Other 'Megashocks' Could Devastate Australia

Australia is facing 12 potentially damaging "megashocks" which could cause the country billions in the next 20 to 30 years.

Fighters from Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) hold their weapons as they stand on confiscated cigarettes before setting them on fire in the city of Raqqa April 2, 2014.

From Politics & Policy 2:07 pm

ISIS Shows Training of Child Warriors as Young as 4; Two Men Stoned to Death For Being Gay [VIDEO]

ISIS has released a new video showing how it trains child warriors as young as 4 years old. Two men were stoned to death for admitting they were gay.

Russian military planes perform during the final phase of the Kavkaz-2009 strategic military exercise in southern Russia, 350 km (217 miles) southeast of Stavropol July 6, 2009.

From Politics & Policy 12:36 pm

Russia Called 'Terrorist State' As Deadly As ISIS; Russia-China Joint Naval Exercises a Show of Force Against NATO

Russia has been called a "terrorist state" by former Soviet Union member Lithuania. The country's president urged action against Russian aggression in Ukraine.

New Zealand's Prime Minister John Key

From Society Nov 26

Historians Question PM John Key's 'Shallow' Knowledge Of New Zealand History

Historians in New Zealand reacted to Prime Minister John Key's statement that New Zealand was settled peacefully.

An Air New Zealand Plane Flies Over Houses In Mount Victoria

From Society Nov 26

New Zealanders in Australia Consider Moving Back to Home Country For Better Life

New Zealanders in Australia consider going back home to pursue more attractive opportunities in the IT sector and construction industry.

Pigs Enter A Barn At The 2014 World Pork Expo In Des Moines, Iowa.

From Society Nov 26

Pig's Mutilated Carcass Scattered Outside Australian Mosque

The main entrance of a mosque in Perth, Australia was violated with a mutilated carcass of a pig.

A nurse cares for Nourhanne Ahmed, a premature baby girl, inside an incubator

From Society Nov 25

Woman Charged For Leaving Her Baby in Drain in Australia Needs 'Compassion' Says Social Worker

A mother who was recently charged for leaving her baby in a drain in Australia deserves "compassion, not vilification."

U.S. President Barack Obama (R) and Russia's President Vladimir Putin attend a family photo shoot for the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) leaders' meeting at the International Convention Center at Yanqi Lake in Beijing, November 11, 201

From Politics & Policy Nov 25

Russia to Back Palestine If US Blocks UN Statehood Bid; Anti-U.S. Views Growing in Russia

Russia has expressed its support for the Palestinian Authority's bid for statehood in the United Nations even if the U.S. may possibly veto it.