Articles By Reissa Su

U.S. President Obama speaks about the economy, in Austin

From Society 5:44 pm

ISIS $3 Million Daily Oil Revenues Fund Operations; Obama to Build International Coalition to Widen Assault

While other extremist groups rely on donations, ISIS earns $3 million a day from oil produced from the seven fields under its control in the Middle East.

A Malaysia Airlines Boeing 737-800 aircraft parks on tarmac of Kuala Lumpur International Airport outside Kuala Lumpur June 14, 2014.

From Society 5:13 pm

Fate of MH370, MH17 Trigger Mass Resignation of Crew in Malaysia Airlines

The mysterious disappearance of MH370 and the downing of MH17 have caused employees to resign from Malaysia Airlines, fearing for their safety.

A Member Loyal To The Islamic State In Iraq

From Society 5:05 pm

British Cleric Accused of Urging James Foley Executioner; Predicted ISIS Will Fight in the West

A British cleric is accused of encouraging the actions of ISIS and hopes British jihadists in Iraq will bring the fight to the West.

Sri Lankan asylum seekers who were sent back by Australia wait to enter a magistrate's court in Galle

From Society 1:54 pm

Asylum Seekers Demand Compensation From Australia for Neglect and Poor Healthcare

Asylum seekers detained on Christmas Island have filed a case against Australia for neglect and poor medical service. They demand compensation from the government.

Health workers take blood samples for Ebola virus testing at a screening tent in the local government hospital in Kenema

From Health Aug 26

New Ebola Strain in Congo Spark Fears of Outbreak Across Africa; More Flight Cancellations Hamper Aid

The Ebola outbreak in Congo is believed to have come from a new and more dangerous strain. The alarm over Ebola continues with more flight cancellations and border closures.

Syria's President Bashar al-Assad delivers a speech at al-Shaab presidential palace in Damascus

From Society Aug 26

James Foley's Family and Boss Reject Syrian Claim of Foley Killed A Year Ago

The Syrian government claim that James Foley was killed by ISIS a year ago is rejected by family and Foley's boss. They believe they have significant proof that Foley was alive last July as claimed by former hostages.

Tony Abbott at New York Stock Exchange

From Politics & Policy Aug 26

Australia's Role in Iraq May Expand If Strong U.S.- Led Alliance is Seen

Australia's role in Iraq may be "limited" considering the lack of a more coherent U.S. policy towards Iraq, strategic experts said. The Abbot government may be considering a greater role beyond humanitarian aid in the fight against ISIS.

A car sinks into a hole caused by an earthquake in the southern New Zealand city of Christchurch June 13, 2011.

From Economy Aug 26

New Zealand's High Growth Rate Predicted To Fall When Christchurch Rebuild Halts

New Zealand's economy may be heading for "the rocks" when it rebuild in Christchurch and migration rate slows down. Economists believe the country cannot sustain a high growth rate in the coming years.

New Zealand Dollar

From Travel Aug 26

New Zealand Tops List of Hottest Destinations for World's Richest Travellers

New Zealand has topped the list of the hottest destinations for the richest travellers in the world with almost a 200 percent growth. Virtuoso, the luxury travel network, has compiled the list based on its extensive data of client transactions worth billions.

Israel's Prime Minister Netanyahu at a News Conference in Jerusalem

From Society Aug 26

ISIS And Hamas Linked Says Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu

The Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has regarded Hamas and ISIS to be one and the same since they both came from a "poisonous tree." Israel's allies and enemies are not so sure of his statement.