Articles By Rasheed Abou-Alsamh

From Society Sep 09, 2012

Brazilian Soaps Profit From A New Story Line: The Lives Of The Booming Middle Class

The so-called C-class is Brazil's fast-growing middle class, more than 50 million strong. Now there's even a soap opera geared toward upwardly mobile Brazilians, and seemingly everybody -- most of all advertisers -- is taking note.

From Politics & Policy Aug 12, 2012

Brazil's Trial Of The Century: Corruption Charges May Finally Undo 'Lula' Da Silva, The Country's Most Popular Politician

Brazil's former president, Luis Inacio "Lula" da Silva, is not on trial, but his legacy may be destroyed in a corruption trial that could show the country's political elite was part of one big scam -- funded by public money.

From Economy Jul 15, 2012

Brazil Shows How Too Much Consumer Debt Can Threaten An Economy

Brazil has risen to number six among the world's economies. As it finds itself caught between prosperity and a past of poverty, it's dealing with a pervasive problem: lots of household debt.

From Global Markets Jun 10, 2012

With Movie Theaters Banned, Saudi Filmmaker Makes YouTube Splash

Saudi Arabia doesn’t show movies, to avoid angering clerics. But young talents are flocking to the Internet, and hoping to change the kingdom -- one film at a time.

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