Articles By Ranina Sanglap

From Tech May 12, 2012

Max Payne 3 Launch Trailer Promises More Noir Action

It's looking to be a big week for gamers as both Diablo 3 and Max Payne 3 will arrive on May 15. To whet gamers' appetites for bullet time, smoking and guns Rockstar Games has unveiled the official launch trailer for Max Payne 3 a week before the game's debut.

From Tech May 10, 2012

Computer Hard Drives Made of Bacteria? Research Shows Magnetic Bacteria Could Build Faster Hard Drives

Computer Hard Drives Made of Bacteria? Research Shows Magnetic Bacteria Could Build Faster, Hard Drives

From Tech May 09, 2012

Are You A Facebook Addict? Six Signs You Like Facebook Too Much

New research from the University of Bergen have suggested that Facebook addiction is very much real and have developed a scale to measure if a user is addicted to the popular networking site.

From Tech May 05, 2012

Did Research in Motion’s 'Wake Up' Campaign at Sydney Apple Store Backfire?

Research in Motion on Tuesday admitted that it was behind the “Wake Up” flashmob activity around Apple stores in Sydney, Australia.

From Tech May 02, 2012

Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Trailer Reveals the Dystopian Future

Activision and Treyarch has released the official Black Ops 2 trailer and it looks like COD gamers will jump to the future in the direct sequel to Call of Duty: Black Ops.

From Tech May 02, 2012

Why Microsoft’s Deal with Barnes & Noble is Vital to Windows Success

Microsoft Corp. and Barnes & Noble announced Monday a joint venture where Microsoft will invest $300 million for a minority stake in the new venture called "Newco".

From Tech Apr 30, 2012

Revolutionary Glare-Free Glass Could be in Your Smartphone in the Future

Scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have created a new self-cleaning glass that can resist fog, won't produce any glare and cleans itself. The technology could lead to smartphones and tablets with smudge-free touchscreens.

From Tech Apr 30, 2012

The Future of Computing is Tablets, Says Forrester Research

Are PCs or traditional laptops about to become as obsolete as the typewriter? Tablets are set to become the "preferred, primary device for millions of people around the world" by 2016, according to a new report from Forrester Research.

From Tech Apr 30, 2012

BlackBerry 10 Devices Set for October?

The long awaited BlackBerry 10 devices could hit the market by October according to new reports.

From Tech Apr 26, 2012

Google Launches Google Drive, How Does it Rate Against the Competition?

Google finally put to rest years of speculation about its cloud service when it announced Tuesday morning the launch of its own cloud storage service called Google Drive.