Articles By Palash R. Ghosh

From Politics & Policy Aug 23, 2012

Latin America Wealth Gap Climbing, Despite Progress Against Poverty: UN

At present, the widest wealth gap is found in Guatemala, while Venezuela boasts the most equitable income distribution in the region.

From Faith & Belief Aug 23, 2012

Conservative Pastor Blames South African Mine Violence On Homosexuals, Abortion And Feminists

Naidoo’s inflammatory comments have been sharply criticized.

From Politics & Policy Aug 23, 2012

Ethnic Clashes In Kenya Raise Worries About Next Year’s Elections

Pokomo and Orma have long clashed over not only cattle grazing but also water rights in this poor, semi-arid region of Kenya.

From Politics & Policy Aug 23, 2012

Iran’s Supreme Leader Seeks To Intensify Terror Attacks In West For Moves Against Assad: Report

Iran is about the only Middle Eastern nation that Assad can call an ally, as the Sunni Arab world has turned resolutely against the Damascus regime.

From Politics & Policy Aug 22, 2012

India’s State Bank Employees Strike To Protest Government’s Planned Reforms

About 70,000 bank branches, including the State Bank of India, the nation’s largest public sector bank, will be idle.

From Law Aug 22, 2012

Sri Lanka Punishes French Tourists For ‘Insulting’ Buddhism

Tourists are banned entry at shrines and temples if they are not dressed conservatively.

From Faith & Belief Aug 22, 2012

Dom Mintoff Dies: The ‘King’ Of Malta, A Super-Catholic State More Arab Than European

At one point, Mintoff said Malta was part of the “Arab world” – a stark symbolic separation from its long British identity.

From Politics & Policy Aug 22, 2012

India's Coalfield Scandal: Another Black Mark Against PM Singh?

“Nothing short of the prime minister’s resignation will satisfy us,” said senior BJP official Yashwant Sinha.

From Fashion Aug 21, 2012

Murder For Profit: German War Graves Being Desecrated To Retrieve Nazi Memorabilia

Most collectors claim they are simply military historians and not neo-Nazis.

From Politics & Policy Aug 21, 2012

Pakistan Blocks Mobile Phone Service To Thwart Terror Attacks During Eid

Pakistani authorities feared that militants would use mobile service to coordinate attacks or detonate a remote-controlled bomb.