Articles By Palash R. Ghosh

From Politics & Policy Aug 28, 2012

Sardinian Workers Occupy Italy’s Last Coal Mine To Demand Government Funds

The miners – part of a 460-strong staff – have locked themselves 1,200 feet underground inside the Carbosulcis di Nuraxi Figus mine.

From Faith & Belief Aug 28, 2012

Afghans Beheaded For Dancing At Mixed Party: What Else Can Get You Killed In Afghanistan?

The victims violated at least three of the Taliban’s taboos: unrelated men and women mixing socially; dancing; and listening to music.

From Politics & Policy Aug 28, 2012

Modern-Day 'Lysistrata': Togo Women Call For ‘Sex Strike’ To Force President To Resign

The women of Togo, a small country in West Africa, have called for a week-long "sex strike" as a protest against President Faure Gnassingbe.

From Entertainment Aug 26, 2012

Brian Epstein: The Beatles' Real 'Nowhere Man' - An Appreciation

It is not unreasonable to declare that Brian Epstein, the fifth Beatle, according to Paul McCartney, was one of the key global figures of the post-World War II era. Although he had a complicated and troubled relationship with McCartney and John Lennon, he turned them -- both rowdy and rebellious youths -- and their two partners into cultural icons.

From Entertainment Aug 24, 2012

Whatever Became Of Accents?

Regional accents are vanishing across the U.S. and English-speaking world.

From Faith & Belief Aug 24, 2012

French Politician Warns Of Growing Salafist Threat In Tunisia

France Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius has condemned the attack on Gharbi’s family as “unacceptable.”

From Politics & Policy Aug 23, 2012

India May Shut Down Twitter In Wake Of Hate Messages Aimed At Migrant Workers

Given India’s long and bloody history of communal and sectarian violence, such warnings were not taken lightly.

From Sports Aug 23, 2012

Derek Jeter: Thou Doth Protest Too Much

If Jose Canseco is right, the majority of baseball players from the past two decades are dirty.

From Economy Aug 23, 2012

Obese Americans: The Most Neglected And Despised ‘Minority Group’

All told, the number of ‘fat’ Americans far surpasses those of any racial, ethnic or religious minority.

From Law Aug 23, 2012

Tasmania Seeks To Create Tobacco-Free Generation By Banning Cigarette Sales To Anyone Born After 2000

Tasmania, which has one of the highest rates of smoking among youth in Australia, would be the first place in the world to impose such an age-based ban.