Articles By Palash R. Ghosh

From Politics & Policy Aug 30, 2012

Air Koryo: North Korea's Strange, But Functioning, Airline

The state-controlled Air Koryo has a fleet of about thirty, mostly older Russian-made aircraft, and flies to 14 foreign airports in six countries -- including, of all places, Kuwait.

From Politics & Policy Aug 30, 2012

Refugees Fleeing Syria Straining Resources In Lebanon and Jordan

10,200 Syrians crossed into northern Jordan between Aug. 21 and Aug. 27, more than double the 4,500 figure from just the week before.

From Politics & Policy Aug 30, 2012

Indian Jews Outraged By Clothing Store Named ‘Hitler’

Critics complain that Shah is simply exploiting the name of Hitler because he remains a popular figure among many Indians.

From Law Aug 30, 2012

Polygamous Marriage Prompts Outrage In Brazil

The couple were married three months ago. They have not been identified and have not spoken to the media.

From Politics & Policy Aug 30, 2012

Death Penalty In India: On The Books, But Rarely Applied

Given the magnitude of the Mumbai attacks, many in India would like to see Qassab executed.

From Books Aug 29, 2012

The Beatles Last Concert At Candlestick Park: The Dream Is Over

Candlestick marked a dramatic turning point in The Beatles' career and lives.

From Politics & Policy Aug 29, 2012

Indian Prime Minister Singh Visits Iran: Finding A Delicate Balance

Oil is at the heart of Indian-Iranian relations today.

From Politics & Policy Aug 29, 2012

Gambia Threatens To Execute All Death Row Prisoners, But Africa Moving Toward Abolition Of Capital Punishment

Gambia's plan to execute all prisoners on death row may jeopardize EU funds it is scheduled to receive.

From Politics & Policy Aug 28, 2012

Gaza May Be Unlivable By 2020: UN

Over the next eight years, the population in the narrow band of land will increase by half a million people to 2.1 million

From Faith & Belief Aug 28, 2012

Mombasa, Kenya, Erupts In Riots After Radical Muslim Preacher Is Killed

Rogo was a supporter of al-Shabaab, the Islamic militant group that controls large swathes of neighboring Somalia.