Articles By Palash R. Ghosh

From Economy Aug 13, 2012

Red Hook Summer: Another Bloated Mess From Spike Lee

I have no idea what “Red Hook Summer” is about -- it is about many things, or about nothing (I'm pretty sure Spike Lee doesn't know either).

From Politics & Policy Aug 11, 2012

Indian Government Minister Suggests Some Political Corruption Is Acceptable

Shivpal Yadav is a member of the Samajwadi Party, which swept into power in Uttar Pradesh in March with a pledge to stamp out corruption.

From Law Aug 11, 2012

Rajasthan Couple Arrested For Selling Newborn: Baby-Selling A Huge Racket In India

Police are also investigating six other people, including a government official, who may have been involved in this saga as middle-men in the transaction.

From Health Aug 11, 2012

David Rudisha, Latest In A Long Line Of Superb Kenyan Runners

Kenya (a nation of just 41 million) has produced more great runners (short- and long-distance) than just about any other nation on Earth.

From Politics & Policy Aug 10, 2012

Sikh Massacre: The ‘Model Minority’ Argument

Would the expressions of grief be as widespread and deep if neo-Nazi Wade Michael Page had shot up a camp filled with illegal aliens from Mexico?

From Politics & Policy Aug 10, 2012

Sikh Massacre: Punjab Chief Minister Visiting Wisconsin Accused Of Grave Human Rights Abuses

The suit against him alleges that "well over 10,000 cases of torture and extra-judicial killings” took place during Badal's 1997-2002 and 2007-2012 regimes.

From Law Aug 10, 2012

Hitler Wine Bottles Anger Jewish American Tourists In Italy

Prosecutors said they will commence an investigation into the "Nazi" wine bottles.

From Faith & Belief Aug 10, 2012

Echoes Of Wisconsin Massacre: Bearded Muslim Murdered in South Africa By White Supremacists

Magaliesburg is a stronghold for white Afrikaners.

From Faith & Belief Aug 10, 2012

Did The Pakistani Taliban Threaten To Kill Former Cricket Star Imran Khan?

The Taliban's anger at Khan appears to be due to the former cricketer’s lack of religious conviction and left-wing, secular ideas.

From Politics & Policy Aug 10, 2012

Nepal Bans Young Women From Seeking Work In Middle East Over Exploitation Fears

In 2010, 15 Nepali servants committed suicide in Lebanon due to gross abuses.