Articles By Palash R. Ghosh

From Politics & Policy Aug 16, 2012

India Plans Trip To Mars, But Ancients May Have Already Been There

Two of ancient India’s most important and grandest Sanskrit epics, The Mahabharata and The Ramayana, vividly describe giant, magnificent space vessels which took fantastic voyages to distant stars and planets.

From Politics & Policy Aug 16, 2012

China Needs To Spend Almost $8 Trillion To Cope With Massive Migration Of Rural Peoples Into Cities

The urbanization of China has been an extraordinary, perhaps unprecedented, phenomenon.

From Politics & Policy Aug 16, 2012

Australian Hunters Maneuver In Country With Very Tough Gun Laws

Opponents of the new law fear it will simply encourage kids to embrace gun violence and the murder of helpless animals.

From Sports Aug 15, 2012

Tony Conigliaro: Boston's Tragic Hero

Tony Conigliaro is my all-time favorite baseball player -- not only for what he accomplished on the diamond, but for what he didn't.

From Politics & Policy Aug 15, 2012

Wither Taliban? Uprising Forces Insurgents Out Of 50 Afghan Villages

"I hope this movement can grow, because it offers a good alternative and solution for providing stability in Afghanistan."

From Economy Aug 15, 2012

Kershorn Walcott, Olympic Gold Champion, Provides Trinidad And Tobago With Something To Celebrate

Walcott’s accomplishments presents some good news for a country desperately in need of some.

From Entertainment Aug 14, 2012

Beauty, Self-Regard And Women's Liberation In The 21st Century

Women are still judged and evaluated primarily on their looks.

From Politics & Policy Aug 14, 2012

French Right Blasts Hollande For Cautious Stance On Syria

Fillon did not promote a military adventure in Syria but strongly suggested Hollande find a way to resolve the crisis by negotiating with Russia.

From Faith & Belief Aug 14, 2012

Kashmiri Women Threatened With Acid Attack Violence For Not Wearing Veils

The posters added: “This land belongs to Allah and we will make sure that nothing against His will happens here.”

From Politics & Policy Aug 14, 2012

Iran: Land Of Dangerous And Frequent Earthquakes

Earthquakes are a recurring phenomenon in Iran as the country is home to major fault lines, covering 90 percent of the nation.