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Feb 07, 2012

New York Fashion Week 2012: Where to Live Stream Fall Collection Shows Online

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York begins Feb. 9 and no longer is it a spectacle solely for fashion magazine editors and prospective buyers within the industry. This year, for the Fall 2012 collection shows, nearly one-third of designers will live stream online thanks to a partnership with YouTube and Maybelline New York in collaboration with Mercedes-Benz.

From Entertainment Feb 07, 2012

Did Madonna Lip Sync at Halftime Show for Super Bowl 2012? [VIDEO]

It's no surprise that following a live performance that fans will debate on whether or not the performer sang live. Following the end of the halftime show for the 2012 Super Bowl, some fans were wondering: Did Madonna lip sync? View the video of Madonna's Super Bowl 2012 halftime performance and decide for yourself.

Feb 04, 2012

Tim Tebow: God’s Quarterback Calls Himself ‘Tommy Turbo’ Celebrating Super Bowl 2012 [PHOTOS]

Tim Tebow may not be playing in the 2012 Super Bowl, but that doesn't mean he stopped playing games. According to Yahoo Sports, "God's Quarterback" was at the Bud Light Hotel in downtown Indianapolis for the EA Sports Madden Bowl video game competition and told a pair of waitresses that his real name was "Tommy Turbo.

From Fashion Feb 03, 2012

New York Fashion Week 2012: Penelope Cruz in Sexy PETA Campaign [PHOTO]

Just in time for New York Fashion Week, Penelope Cruz is the star of a sexy new PETA campaign unveiled on Wednesday before fashion's most important biannual week. The new poster featuring Cruz, "Give Fur the Cold Shoulder," will be unveiled during the 2012 fall collections Fashion Week on Feb. 9 though the campaign hit the Internet on Wednesday.

From Health Feb 03, 2012

Pfizer Birth Control Recall for Pregnancy Risk: Are You Affected? How to Tell

As word spread about the birth control recall of at least one million pill packets in the U.S. from Pfizer on Tuesday, panic ensued amongst women nationwide about their risk of becoming pregnant. But how do you know if the birth control pills you are taking are part of the recall?

From Sports Feb 03, 2012

Adrian Peterson’s Twitter Rant Over Vikings Jersey: ‘I Won’t Be Changing My Number’

Adrian Peterson was thinking it would be a good idea to change the number on his Vikings jersey...until he saw the numbers. According to the running back's Twitter rant, he changed his mind when he found out how much it will financially cost him for changing from number 28 to number 23: $1 mill...

From Entertainment Feb 02, 2012

Alec Baldwin Weight Loss: ’30 Rock’ Star Drops 30 Pounds, How He Did It [PHOTOS]

"30 Rock" star Alec Baldwin showed off his dramatic weight loss at the Screen Actors Guild Awards on Sunday in Los Angeles, shedding 30 pounds in four months through his new diet. But how did he do it?

From Sports Feb 02, 2012

Novak Djokovic Fan Melissa Cook’s T-Shirt Seized by Yael Rothschild, Another Fan, at Australian Open [VIDEO]

Melissa Cook, a teenage Novak Djokovic fan, attended the Australian Open on Sunday night to see her favorite player win and perhaps snag a souvenir t-shirt. However, her freebie was seized by another fan named Yael Rothschild in a video that has gone viral since the incident.

From Health Feb 02, 2012

Birth Control Recall: List of 1 Million Pills that Don’t Prevent Pregnancy Recalled by Pfizer

Pfizer Inc. announced on Tuesday that it will recall at least one million birth control pill packets in the U.S. because they don't prevent pregnancy, the company reported. Here is a full list of the birth control pills affected by the Pfizer recall.

From Entertainment Feb 01, 2012

Rachel McAdams on Dating Michael Sheen: ‘We Rack Up a Lot of Air Miles’ [PHOTOS]

Rachel McAdams has been dating boyfriend Michael Sheen for nearly eight months now since filming for "Midnight in Paris" wrapped up, but their relationship takes a bit of work, and "a lot of air miles," to maintain.