Articles By Monami Thakur

From Society Aug 01, 2012

Satellite Pictures Reveal Intrusion into Endangered Tribe’s Land

Ayoreo tribe is a native ethnic group living in the Gran Chaco area in Paraguay.

From Society Aug 01, 2012

Researchers Discover Earliest Evidence of Modern Hunter-Gatherer Culture

Artifacts discovered from a South African cave provide crucial evidence on the origins of modern behaviour.

From Society Jul 07, 2012

Watts Gallery Observes Dickens’ Bicentenary with ‘Dickens and the Artists’

To celebrate the bicentenary of Charles Dickens, Watts Gallery unveils an exclusive exhibition called Dickens and the Artists which will explore Dickens' view of art and artists and the significant influence that his writings had upon the art of his age.

From Science Jul 06, 2012

ESA Launches MSG-3 Satellite, Europe to Get Better Weather Coverage

The latest weather satellite in the Meteosat second-generation series is expected to give up-to-date weather predictions.

From Science Jul 06, 2012

Climate Change Affects Coral Reefs Growth

Natural climatic changes such as El Nino have stalled the growth of coral reefs for nearly 2,500 years.

From Society Jun 30, 2012

Brazilian Ranchers Burn Bridges to Protest against Eviction Orders

Ranchers in Brazil have burned bridges, blocked roads and threatened the Indian tribes in protest against their impending eviction from tribal land.

From Politics & Policy Jun 27, 2012

WWF, Consumer Focus Conference Proposes Key Changes to UK Energy Policy

The University of Exeter, SSE, Consumer Focus and WWF, along with representatives from 12 other organisations, release results of a series of roundtables on UK energy policy.

From Politics & Policy Jun 24, 2012

UN’s Ban Ki-moon Announces ‘Zero Hunger Challenge’ at Rio+20 Conference

UN's secretary general Ban Ki-moon calls on all leaders and nations to work for a future where every individual has adequate nutrition and where all food systems are resilient.

From Sports Jun 22, 2012

London 2012 Olympics: Organising Committee Offers Authentic Olympic Torches in Auction

LOCOG, has announced the online auction of authentic Olympic torches.

From Society Jun 22, 2012

Brazilian Government May Pay Threatened Guarani Indians £53.21 Million for ‘Moral’ Damage

A public prosecutor in Brazil is asking the government to pay £53.21 million to a Guarani Indian community as compensation for "moral and material" damages.