Articles By Matthew Chapman

From Tech Nov 06, 2012

4G Focus: The Top Eight 4G Smartphones

As 4G finally arrives in the UK, we take a look at the best smartphones to make use of the super-fast connection speeds.

From Tech Nov 01, 2012

4G Focus: What is 4G?

The UK has finally got a 4G mobile phone network, so what does it mean, and what can we expect from this superfast network?

From Entertainment Oct 17, 2012

Tim Burton's Frankenweenie: 10 Amazing Facts

IB Times film correspondent Matt Chapman goes behind the scenes to give you the inside track on Tim Burton's latest masterpiece.

From Tech Sep 07, 2012

Samsung Promises Working Conditions Review at Chinese Factories [VIDEO]

Samsung creates six-point plan to improve working conditions and claims zero tolerance on child labour violations.

From Tech Sep 07, 2012

Samsung Accused of Inhumane Working Conditions in Factories by China Labour Watch [VIDEO]

Undercover investigation finds abuse of workers including child labour and excessive overtime, rife in Samsung and supplier factories.

From Tech Sep 07, 2012

Apple Drops Samsung as Key Supplier for iPhone 5 Memory Chips

Apple places memory chip orders with Elpida, SK Hynix and Toshiba as it edges out Samsung as main supplier

From Tech Sep 06, 2012

Blogger Claims Nokia Faked Still Images Along With Video

Nokia is yet to answer claims from a blogger that it falsified still images as well as video in an ad for its Lumia 920 smartphone.

From Tech Sep 06, 2012

NullCrew Targets Cambodian Websites in Response to Pirate Bay Arrest

Websites for the Cambodian armed forces, the Ministry of Public Works and Cambodia's Institute of Standards attacked in operation The Pirate Bay

From Tech Sep 06, 2012

Lumia 920: Nokia Apologises for Faked Video

Nokia admits that a television advert for the Lumia 920 smartphone was not shot using that handset

From Tech Sep 06, 2012

ASA Bans Electric-Shock Dog Training Collar Advert

Amazon UK page fails to warn customers electric shock dog collar is illegal to use in Wales.