Articles By Mark Johanson

From Travel Sep 18, 2012

The World’s Best National Parks That You’ve Never Heard Of (But Will Want To Visit)

Ever since the U.S. Congress declared Yellowstone a national park in 1872, nations around the world have followed suit, protecting vast swaths of exceptional land. Here’s a look at some of the best.

From Travel Sep 18, 2012

Senkaku Islands Dispute May Hurt Japan’s Recovering Tourism Industry

When China and the Philippines sparred over the disputed Scarborough Shoal (known as Huangyan Island in China) this past May, the People’s Republic canceled all outbound travel to the Philippines, dealing a direct blow to an industry vital to the nation’s economy.

From Travel Sep 15, 2012

Death Valley Named Hottest Place On Earth, But Where Are The Planet’s Other Extremes?

For those who can’t help but be attracted to earth’s extremes, here’s a look at some of the wildest spots on the planet and how easy (or hard) it is to visit them.

From Travel Sep 14, 2012

Airlines To Passengers: Book Directly With Us Or We Will Punish You

Frontier Airlines changed its website to on Wednesday, a simple enough move if it weren’t for the message the company issued in the process, which went something like this: Forget the traditional online travel booking sites -- book with us or we will punish you.

From Travel Sep 14, 2012

International Tourism Arrivals To Exceed 1 Billion For First Time In 2012

Europe may be in the throes of a crisis while North America recovers from its own recession, but that hasn’t stopped people from traveling -- far from it. Despite concerns over the global economy, tourism has shown incredible resilience as international arrivals are now projected to cross the 1 billion mark for the first time in 2012.

From Travel Sep 13, 2012

Attention Business Travelers: These US Cities Tax You The Most

The Global Business Travel Association, or GBTA, has released its 2012 report on the best and worst travel taxes in the top 50 U.S. destinations.

From Travel Sep 13, 2012

10 Places In Canada Every Canadian Should See Before They Die

From the isle of Vancouver to the isle of Prince Edward, here are 10 spots that no Canadian or visitor to Canada should miss.

From Companies Sep 12, 2012

New Routes Into Myanmar + Limited Hotel Rooms = Soaring Prices

It’s hard being the next big thing -- just ask Myanmar.

From Travel Sep 11, 2012

Nein! Oktoberfest 2012 Threatened By Bottle Shortages, High Prices

It’s less than two weeks before Munich’s renowned Oktoberfest is to begin and there is trouble brewing in Bavaria.

From Travel Sep 11, 2012

Where Gay Travelers Are Venturing In 2013

New York City tops the list for global LGBT travelers in 2013, but the United States as a whole falls behind another country as most popular destination.