Articles By M. Johanson

From Travel Jul 13, 2012

Space Tourism Set For Blastoff Next Year With Branson Family Leading The Way

Sir Richard Branson announced Wednesday, with typical bravado, that he and his adult children would pave the way for future space tourists as the first passengers on the SpaceShipTwo (SS2), part of his U.S.-based Virgin Galactic program, which is set to have its inaugural launch next year.

From Travel Jul 12, 2012

Running Of The Bulls 2012: Photos From The San Fermin Festival

RUN FOR YOUR LIFE! That’s what thousands of thrill-seekers are doing this week in Northern Spain for the 2012 running of the bulls at the annual San Fermin Festival.

From Travel Jul 10, 2012

Can You Sue The Weatherman? Belgian Tourism Officials Hope So

Can you sue the weatherman if he gets his forecast wrong? That’s the plan Belgian tourism officials have in mind.

From Travel Jul 06, 2012

Kashmir To Tourists: Follow Dress Code Or Go Home

Kashmir's Jamaat-e-Islami religious group has issued a strict dress code that it hopes to impose on all incoming tourists. Local officials, however, fear it will hamper the region's efforts to promote itself as a safe and welcoming destination.

From Travel Jul 05, 2012

Costa Concordia Had Faulty Instruments, Unapproved Maps And Doors Left Wide Open: REPORT

A report leaked to Italy’s Corriere della Sera newspaper Tuesday details a myriad defects found on the Costa Concordia cruise liner including unapproved maps, faulty instruments and watertight doors left wide open.

From Books Jul 04, 2012

‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ Getaways: How To Live Out Your Anastasia Steele Fantasies

The mega-popular "Fifty Shades of Grey" has spawned a movie, erotic seminars, merchandise, fake holidays, and now, getaways.

From Travel Jul 03, 2012

Gay Cruise: Morocco Denied Entry, Spoiled Historic Trip to Muslim Country

A Holland America cruise ship with more than 1,500 gay travelers was turned away from a port in Morocco over the weekend in what was to be a historic trip to a Muslim country.

From Real Estate Jun 29, 2012

Pratariccia: Tuscan Town Available On eBay, Price ‘Negotiable’

Fancy buying a Tuscan ghost town? The medieval village of Pratariccia is now on sale in the unlikeliest of places: eBay. The price: $3 million.

From Travel Jun 19, 2012

Hotel Rooms’ Dirtiest Spots Uncovered

You might want to pack a bottle of hand sanitizer the next time you turn on the lights and TV on a trip away from home. A new study reveals that light switches and TV remote controls are the dirtiest surfaces in a hotel room.

From Travel Jun 16, 2012

‘Terra Sacra Time Lapses’ Video Spans 6 Years On 7 Continents And 24 Countries

Sean F. White's video "Terra Sacra Time Lapses" offers a mesmerizing glimpse of life on all seven continents.