Articles By M. Johanson

From Travel Aug 07, 2012

Trekking In Nepal? Guides To Become Mandatory For All Foreign Tourists

Gone are the days of solo trekking in Nepal. Government officials have announced that, beginning in September, all tourists who wish to trek in the country must be accompanied by at least one government-approved porter or guide.

From Travel Jul 26, 2012

How Liam Corcoran, 11, Flew To Rome Alone Without A Ticket Or Passport

Authorities are trying to figure out how 11-year-old Liam Corcoran managed to pass through border controls and ticket checks without documentation Tuesday and board a flight from Manchester to Rome.

From Science Jul 26, 2012

Tiger Tourism Ban In India: Will It Help Or Hurt The Dwindling Population?

A Supreme Court ruling temporarily banning tourism in India’s tiger reserves has sparked a heated debate between conservationists and local tour operators: Could banning tourists actually make things worse?

From Tech Jul 25, 2012

Free Olympic Apps And e-Books For London Travelers And Sports Fans

The 2012 Olympic Games will be the most digital sporting event in history. As a result, several organizations are now offering free apps and e-books for both London visitors and avid sports fans back home to put up-to-the-minute information on the Games and its host city in the palm of your hand.

From Travel Jul 24, 2012

One-Sqm-House: Sleep Around Berlin For 1 Euro A Day In World’s ‘Smallest House’

Need a place to crash in Berlin this summer? Strapped for cash? Here’s an idea: Stay in the “smallest house in the world,” One-Sqm-House, for just 1 euro per night.

From Companies Jul 24, 2012

Airlines Reap $22.6B In Ancillary Revenues

One thing is clear: The way airlines make money these days is completely different than it was just five years ago.

From Travel Jul 21, 2012

Aurora, Colorado: The City Behind The Batman Movie Massacre

Like Columbine, Aurora, Colo., will likely lose its innocence as a scenic, mile-high Rocky Mountain town and become known instead for its legacy as the scene of a tragedy.

From Economy Jul 17, 2012

US Travel And Tourism On Pace For Record-Setting Year

The U.S. travel and tourism industry is looking at a record-setting year, the U.S. Department of Commerce announced Friday, with both spending and visitor numbers well above last year’s figures.

From Travel Jul 17, 2012

Shark Attacks In Western Australia Killing Tourism

Western Australia’s reputation as the world’s deadliest place for shark attacks has made it a tough sell for prospective tourists, and local authorities have asked the federal government to consider lifting the ban on fishing of great whites to help alleviate the problem.

From Travel Jul 14, 2012

‘Magic Art’ Thrills Museumgoers In Hangzhou, China [PHOTOS]

In a typical art exhibition, you’re expected to keep your hands behind your back, maintain a respectful distance from the artwork and, above all else, refrain from touching anything. But the Magic Art Exhibition in Hangzhou, China, is not your run-of-the-mill show.