Articles By Lord Jorrel Polintan

From Society Jan 30, 2012

NSW Pool Safety Laws to Tighten: How to Prevent Children from Drowning

It’s that time of the year again when families spend long hours in the pool, but the dangers that swimming for children presents are apparent. With these dangers, the New South Wales implemented new safety laws.

From Science Jan 30, 2012

Demi Moore ‘Smoked Something’: The Dangers of Nitrous Oxide

With the release of the 911 call that was placed just before the actress Demi Moore was hospitalized, different speculations have risen as to why she experienced seizures. From the emergency call, Moore’s friend reported that the actress “smoked something,” which is now believed to be nitrous oxide, commercially known as “Whip-It.

From Science Jan 30, 2012

David Beckham Going Bald: 5 Things Beckham can do to Prevent it

Famed football player and model David Beckham, at the age of 36, is worried that what happened to his father will happen to him – become bald. Despite his concerns of losing his hair, the football star will not be opting for hair transplant.

From Science Jan 27, 2012

Demi Moore ‘Anorexic’ and ‘Exhausted’: How People Can Recover from Them

The award-winning actress, Demi Moore, best known for gracing the cover of various magazines and her role in the movie “Ghost,” was reportedly hospitalized due to anorexic-related seizures and has sought professional assistance to treat her exhaustion.

From Science Jan 27, 2012

Viral Video of Woman Giving Birth in Car: Tips for an Emergency Childbirth

From the time that a mother says “My water just broke,” to the trip going to the hospital, the whole situation could be a blur what with the rush, adrenaline, and panic that comes with childbirth.

From Health Jan 27, 2012

Australia’s Increasing Mosquito Problem: 5 Everyday Things That Repel Them

When it comes to the most unpleasant things in the world today, mosquitoes could possibly top the list. Proving true to the words “small but terrible,” the number of mosquito-borne virus cases went up in Western Australia.

From Science Jan 25, 2012

Pharmasset’s Hepatitis C Drug: How it Could Change Australia

Finding cures for diseases is always a tall order to take up on, but to have a drug that can cure a disease without fail is almost too good to be true. That is why when the news that Pharmasset Inc. is working on a drug that can cure hepatitis C without fail, people started buzzing, and wondered how a sure fire drug could affect the world, but more importantly, Australia.

From Society Jan 25, 2012

Five Ways to Celebrate Australia Day Safely

It’s that day of the year again – Australia Day – when people come together and celebrate what makes Australia and being Australian great. Reflecting on what each and every Aussie has achieved and can be proud of, ultimately, it’s time to celebrate.

From Science Jan 25, 2012

Emma Stone Stays Pretty with Cooking Oil: How Grapeseed Oil Helps

Every star has a secret as to how they stay the way they are, and for the “Easy A” star Emma Stone, staying pretty is as easy as applying cooking oil on her. Yes, cooking oil, more specifically, grape seed oil.

From Science Jan 24, 2012

Depression and Diabetes Combo: Why Treating Both is Better

As if those suffering from diabetes don’t already have their hands full, depression apparently goes hand in hand with the disease, but despite their tandem, new study finds that treating both at the same time showed more improvements than treating just one of them.