Articles By Lisa Eadicicco

From Luxury Aug 14, 2012

Windows Phone 8 Release Date Could Come In September Near Rumored iPhone 5 Unveil; Reasons It Will Launch Next Month

Microsoft’s upcoming Windows Phone 8 is likely to see a release date this fall, as manufacturers Nokia and HTC have been ramping up production of smartphones based on this platform, DigiTimes has reported.

From Luxury Aug 14, 2012

Apple iPhone 5 ‘Leaked’ Parts Fit Together In New Diagram, Supply Chains Gear Up For The Alleged Release Date [FEATURES]

Another allegedly leaked photo in the slew of what is believed to be images of Apple’s iPhone 5 has surfaced. Last week pictures of the smartphone’s components surfaced, and now a new diagram that puts these pieces of the reported iPhone 5 in context has appeared online.

From Society Aug 11, 2012

Fareed Zakaria, Time Columnist And CNN Host, Admits To Plagiarism: Twitter Reacts To His Suspension And Apology

Fareed Zakaria, a columnist for Time magazine and a CNN host, has apologized to Jill Lepore for plagiarizing her work in the New Yorker. Some sections of Zakaria's column called "The Case for Gun Control" were closely tied to a lengthier article on guns written by historian Jill Lepore in April.

From Luxury Aug 11, 2012

Kinect 2 Release To Come? Allegedly Leaked Photo Surfaces On Twitter, Does This Line Up With Previous Rumors?

There have been numerous alleged leaks concerning Microsoft’s next-generation Xbox 720, but most of them have focused on the console’s hardware or its release date. However, the latest reportedly leaked bit of information revealed some details on the next iteration of the company’s motion-based gameplay device, known as the Kinect 2.

From Luxury Aug 10, 2012

Apple iPhone 5 Allegedly Leaked Photos Surface: Is This The Best Evidence The Release Date Is Near? [FEATURES]

Apple’s iPhone 5 is expected for a September release date, and as the month draws near the rumor mill has been churning harder than ever. Early on Thursday, a new set of reportedly leaked photos have found their way to the web, according to Apple Insider.

From Luxury Aug 10, 2012

Xbox 720 Release Date Could Come Before 2014, Microsoft Job Listing Adds To Evidence That Development Is Underway

Microsoft has recently revealed in an interview that its next-generation Xbox “720,” code named Durango, has new hardware in development. Now more evidence that the Redmond, Wash.-based company is working on its successor to the Xbox 360 console has surfaced.

From Tech & Trend Aug 09, 2012

‘Assassin’s Creed 3’ Release On PS3 Gets Exclusive DLC; Ubisoft Posts Cryptic Gameplay Clues On Twitter [TRAILER]

“Assassin’s Creed 3” won’t be released until the fall, but the game’s box art has revealed that PlayStation 3 owners will be getting a special bonus. Those playing on Sony’s video game console will receive an exclusive downloadable content that will not be available for the PC, Xbox 360 or Wii U.

From Tech Aug 09, 2012

Kim Dotcom Raid Captured On Video; Police Searched Megaupload Founder's Home With Helicopters, Rifles And Dogs [VIDEO]

New Zealand police raided the home of Megaupload founder Kim "Dotcom" Schmitz in January, and now an exclusive video of the search has surfaced.

From Luxury Aug 09, 2012

‘Mass Effect 3’ DLC Release ‘Leviathan’ Changes Ending, An Inside Look At Commander Shephard’s ‘Deepest’ Mission [SPOILERS]

Rumors of a “Mass Effect 3” single-player DLC have been circulating ever since the “Extended Cut” expansion launched, and BioWare finally made the official announcement in early August. At the Electronic Arts Summer Showcase, the upcoming “Leviathan” DLC was unveiled, which will take place during Commander Shephard’s war on the Reapers.

From Luxury Aug 09, 2012

Apple iPhone 5 Release Could Break 170 Million Sales In A Year, Analyst Says, As Launch Date Approaches [FEATURES]

Apple’s iPhone 5 release could account for 170 million total iPhones sold in the next year, experts say. According to analyst Horace Dediu, who has quoted Apple’s own marketing chief, the iPhone 5 will comprise 85 percent of total Apple smartphone sales in the next 12 months, CNET reported.