Articles By Lisa Eadicicco

From Luxury Sep 04, 2012

Windows Phone 8 Release Announced: 4 Features Revealed By Source Close To Microsoft

In July Microsoft fans got a glimpse of some back up options set to come with Windows Phone 8 when the SDK leaked, but until now there was no indication of how the options would work. But now, sources close to Microsoft have revealed more information about its plans for Windows Phone 8, reports The Verge.

From Luxury Sep 03, 2012

Apple IPhone 5 Rumors: Accessory Allegedly Leaks In Video; Will The Release Date Be Delayed Due To Screen Production Problems?

The release date for Apple's iPhone 5 is expected to be announced in less than two weeks, and it's clear anticipation is at an all-time high. This summer has produced an unprecedented number of alleged leaks and rumors, and now images of what is believed to be a new set of earphones for the iPhone 5 have surfaced on the Web.

From Luxury Sep 01, 2012

Apple iPad Mini Release Date Hinted By Developer’s Logs, Price Rumors Indicate $249-$349 According To Analyst

The iPad Mini is expected for an October release date, and yet another bit of evidence that it may launch soon has surfaced on the web. New iPad device codes have appeared on Instapaper developer’s Marco Arment’s logs, according to Mac Rumors.

From Society Sep 01, 2012

Maria Montessori, Educator Whose Method Changed The School System, Honored With Google Doodle On Her 142nd Birthday

Maria Montessori’s 142nd birthday has been commemorated by Google, with the search engine giant dedicating their daily doodle to the Italian physician. She was well known for her philosophical ideas and education methods, which bear her name and are used in schools throughout the world.

From Luxury Aug 31, 2012

Apple iPhone 5 Rumored Longer Display Appears In ‘Leaked’ Photos, See How It Compares To The iPhone 4S [VIDEO, FEATURES]

The rumored release date for Apple’s iPhone 5 is quickly approaching, and it seems as if new allegedly leaked photos and speculations are surfacing each day. In the past week there have been numerous reports including images of what is said to be the assembled front panel of the iPhone 5.

From Luxury Aug 30, 2012

Will Windows 8’s Release Change The Tablet Industry? Meet Sony’s VAIO Duo, The Hybrid Device Perfect For Microsoft’s OS

As the Windows 8 release date draws near, Microsoft’s new operating system is beginning to make more sense. First comes the software made for PCs and tablets, and now comes the devices that fit that mold.

From Tech & Trend Aug 30, 2012

World of Warcraft Patch 5.0.4 Release Arrives: Patch Notes And Everything Else You Need To Know [FULL LIST]

The World of Warcraft pact 5.0.4 has just been released, and it is expected to bring a host of new features to arguably Blizzard’s most widely perceived RPG. The patch notes for the 5.0.4 update includes everything from class changes to the addition of cross real zones.

From Luxury Aug 30, 2012

Windows Phone 8 Release Date Coming Next Week? Nokia Teases With New Ad, More Price Rumors Begin To Surface [VIDEO]

Nokia has just launched a new video hinting that an upcoming Windows Phone 8 release date could be announced very soon. A press event with Microsoft is scheduled for Sept. 5, coming right in between the dates that competitors Apple and Samsung are expected to make some major unveils as well.

From Tech Aug 29, 2012

Apple iPhone 5 Release Date For Next Month Hinted By T-Mobile; Carrier Prepares Employees To ‘Sell Against The iPhone’

Verizon and AT&T aren’t the only service providers preparing for the iPhone 5 release date, which is rumored to come next month. T-Mobile has also sent out memos to its employees to prepare for what may be the largest handset launch in mobile history.

From Luxury Aug 29, 2012

Samsung Galaxy S3 To Feature 3 New Color Choices, Will The Release Date Come Soon?

Although the release date for Samsung's Galaxy S3 was reported in May, but that doesn't mean the Korea-based manufacturer is done surprising fans of the device. Samsung has just announced that the Galaxy S3 will be available in three new colors, all of which stay consistent with the nature-based theme that Samsung's flagship smartphone has features thus far.