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From Luxury Sep 08, 2012

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Rumors: Why Verizon Probably Won’t Get The ‘Phablet,’ Sprint Variant Possibly Spotted [VIDEO]

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 2 was finally revealed officially on August 29, just ahead of IFA Berlin. The Korea-based manufacturer confirmed the features and specs users can expect to see on the Galaxy Note successor, but that doesn’t mean the rumors ended there.

From Luxury Sep 08, 2012

Windows Phone 8 Release Date For AT&T Allegedly Revealed: Verizon Wireless Confirms Nokia Handsets For Q4

The tentative release date for Nokia’s Windows Phone 8 flagship device is Nov. 2 for AT&T subscribers, the Verge has reported. Sources familiar with Nokia’s plans have said that the company is working with Microsoft and AT&T to undergo numerous tests required to approve the Windows Phone 8 handset within that time frame.

From Tech & Trend Sep 07, 2012

Amazon Kindle Fire HD Announcement: 3 Reasons It’s Not Called The Kindle Fire 2 [OPINION]

Amazon officially announced its next-generation Kindle Fire release on Thursday, unveiling a brand new tablet with improved specs and battery, HD visuals and 4G LTE connectivity. However, there is one characteristic no critic or analyst had predicted: the tablet’s name.

From Tech & Trend Sep 07, 2012

‘Assassin’s Creed’ Real Life Leap Of Faith And Parkour: Watch Altair In The YouTube Video That Went Viral

“Assassin’s Creed” has always incorporated swift and acrobatic combat into its gameplay mechanics, and the upcoming “Assassin’s Creed 3” release looks even more fluid. However, a recent YouTube video brings the energy out of the game and into real-like parkour.

From Tech & Trend Sep 07, 2012

Amazon Kindle Fire HD Revealed: Release Date, Price And Specs For Next Generation Tablet Unveiled

Amazon unveiled its next-generation Kindle Fire at a press event on Sept. 6 in California alongside a fresh paper-white E-reader. Referred to as the Kindle Fire HD, the device boasts visual upgrades, a faster processor and longer lasting battery than its predecessor.

From Luxury Sep 07, 2012

Apple iPhone 5 Rumors: AT&T Expands LTE Network, Another Reason The Likely Feature Will Become A Reality

On Thursday, AT&T announced that it will be expanding its 4G LTE coverage to nine new markets in the United States, with 40 more to come before the end of 2012. This news comes as Apple is expected to unveil its rumored iPhone 5 release on Sept. 12, just six days away, according to Apple Insider.

From Luxury Sep 06, 2012

Wii U News: Release Date And Price For Console Allegedly Leaked; ‘Most Innovative’ Zelda Game Rumored For 2014 [VIDEO]

Nintendo’s Wii U has been rumored for a November release date for quite some time now, and yet another alleged leak has pointed to a console launch during that month. Video Product Distributors, a wholesale media distribution company affiliated with companies such as Amazon and Newegg, has listed three Wii U bundles with a Nov. 11 release date.

From Luxury Sep 06, 2012

Apple iPhone 5 Release May Face Supply Constraints: Why This Could Boost AAPL Stock

Rumored supply chain issues may have an impact on the release date for the iPhone 5, as it was reported that Sharp Co. is behind schedule in producing the device's display; however, that might not be a negative for Apple (Nasdaq: AAPL) -- new analysis has found that previous constraints have actually had a positive effect on the company's share price.

From Luxury Sep 06, 2012

Nokia’s Windows Phone 8 Release Features NFC, Wireless Charging And More, Will It Compare To The iPhone 5 And Samsung Galaxy S3?

Nokia and Microsoft held a joint press conference on Sept. 5 in New York to officially unveil new Windows Phone 8 devices. Nokia announced its flagship smartphone known as the Lumia 920, which has received some noticeable upgrades in the specs department.

From Tech & Trend Sep 06, 2012

Next ‘Skyrim’ DLC Release Date Is Here: How To Build A House, Adopt Children And More In Hearthfire [TRAILER]

The release date for the most recent “Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim” DLC came on Sept. 4, and the correctly anticipated “Hearthfire” add-on gave players more opportunities to flesh out their character in the “Skyrim” universe.